Seed Funding for Startups | Most Important Metrics for Investors

I teach you how to break down the most important metrics for investors in seed funding rounds. Free template included.

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We learn about the most important metrics investors want to see seed-stage startups present in pitch decks and fundraising rounds.

-Market size – TAM (bottoms-up vs. top-down)
– Traction (the correct growth & retention metrics)
– Unit economics & projections
– Terms (valuation, target raise, dilution, etc.)

In this video, I walk you through the best ways to break down each of these metrics.

0:54 market size (TAM) – when to calculate using top-down vs. bottoms-up
5:14 how I use Notion to keep track of all my projects, try it here for free
7:44 startup growth metrics(choosing your metric, growth rate benchmarks)
11:27 retention metrics for user-based businesses – DAU/MAU ratios and power user curves (smile curves)
14:44 retention metrics – churn and customer retention cohorts
20:48 what is your business model? unit economics (how you make money), traction & projections
28:51 fundraising terms: valuation, target raise, expected dilution

By the end of this video, you will understand how to break down the most important metrics for seed funding rounds.

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