Singapore Maritime Academy

SMA is a leading maritime training institution offering diploma courses as well as professional courses at Certificate of Competency levels.

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Ho Wei Liang

Lies, don't take marine engineering. You will regret it. Long duration on board ships, dangerous working environment and no public holidays on board. Shore side have no job prospect at all and you will be competing with a lot of other engineering specialists.

Muhammad Haziq

Wow!!wonderfull video.I will be like them one day…

Raja Kamarul Bahrin

Definitely what every 17/18/19 year old girls and boys should do. See the world.. be a Columbus, be a Cheng Ho… be a Globla citizen….. This is a stepping stone for real global life.


Freshmen @ SP2013 .. hope to see ya all.

Antony Ang

Uniform macam nice only. Rather go NCC(Sea) LOL. BTW… My teacher told me that SMA is like the Navy… In the end business. she talk cock

Iskandar Abdul Rahman

@devkamal Yes…. You may check it out…. Normally tou join the school first. After certain time there will be interviews for sponsorship.

Iskandar Abdul Rahman

Ship Captain of any ship in the world, Nautical or Marine Superintendant, Ship surveyor, Harbour pilot, Wing-In-Ground craft Pilot, Dock Master, Planner, MegaYacht Master, Marine Officer in Maritime Authority, Port Master, Top management in Shipping Company, Coc Examiner or even a lecturer in Singapore Polytechnic etc…. One word… 'ENDLESS!!!'…..
These are some of the opportunities of a Master Mariner. So what are you waiting for?

Iskandar Abdul Rahman

As for those who go to the sea, you may take Class 2 and 1 Coc combined course after you clocked 12 months sea time as Deck Officer (third officer and second officer). Attaining your Class 2 Coc, you are a qualified Chief Officer.
After clocking the next 24 months sea time, eventually you can get your Class 1 Coc (Master Mariner) after taking the required exams.
Thereafter, you are a qualified captain of any ship of any size and of any trade (unlimited).

Iskandar Abdul Rahman

Next, graduation for Diploma In Nautical Studies.

Please DO NOT STOP after this!!!!….

Take your Class 3 Foreign-going Certificate Of Competency (This is your future)

after having all these certificates in hand, you can join ship as third officer (4th in command on board a ship) or you may join Singapore Pilot as a harbour Pilot while the opportunity is still open for Class 3 Coc.

Iskandar Abdul Rahman

1st phase of studies: 1 year in Singapore Polytechnic, lectures and lots of hands-on practical training.

2nd phase of studies: 12 months serving on board foreign-going ship as Deck Cadet Officer. Travelling to a lot of foreign countries.

3rd phase of studies: 1 year in Singapore Polytechnic, lectures and lots of hands-on practical again to prepare for the Diploma and Certificate of Competency.


Iskandar Abdul Rahman

Nevertheles, if ships and high seas fascinate you, holding a prestigious career as a captain and commander of the world gigantic vehicle is your dream and be somebody whom your parent will be proud of, do not hesitate to sign up for Diploma in nautical Studies in Singapore Maritime Academy. Bright future will be ahead of you, for sure!!!…

Iskandar Abdul Rahman

eg. Away from family for long period of time, facing rough seas, facing life with strangers who stay and work together with you for at least 6 mths etc… And for those who join as Deck cadet, all these are smthng new to you, on top of being screwed by the chief mate and the captain.

Iskandar Abdul Rahman

Actually, its all depends on a person's interest and passion. If he is really passionate with the sea career, what ever the bad things become nice to him. Ask yourself, do you really interested in this course? ( Not based solely on big salary and travelling opportunity, you wont survive in this career with these…) Ship captain is my dream job!…. So therefore, Diploma in Nautical Studies is just perfect for even though I had to go through hard times pursuing this…. (continue)


Im at sp doin this shit! Rock on

Quarda Dohny

@creek5 Please tell me the bad things hidden. i am so interested to continue my study in this career. my email,

Thomas Overgaard

Det er da vist her vi skal hen på studietur! 🙂

Josiah Li

you'll have to stay away from home for quite awhile, 6months for me per contract, depending on your voyages. you still work after you've docked, time at shore would probably be a couple of hours at most, depending on the type of ship you're on. the list goes on. and nobody plots charts on freaking sp dover. (the small boat)

dev kamal muhammed

i wish to apply to study in singapore maritime academy.. does shipping companies provide sponsorship?


welcome to the world of boiler suits and tropical storms