SIX Hot Tents in Winter @ 'Nash Oakland Wild Camping'

We took a silly amount of hot tents and headed for Nash Oakland wild camping. It is a campsite with no facilities but a really nice woodland where you can set up anywhere you like. In total we had six hot tents and another normal tent. Latourreg Tipis, Mountain Cattle, OneTigris Smokey Huts, Pomoly Stovehut and a Knot Gear Strong Breeze. Lots of banter, bushcraft and games were had. This video was taken the winter of January 2023.
In this video – @sonofapitch6238 & @2pegsshort
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Rich. Hi_De_Hi Campers

That song from Monty python came to mind with the wood chopping comp you all did, I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok, I sleep all night and I work all day, made me chuckle 😃.
Cool set up guys and all the food looked lush, great vid see you on your next adventure ✌️ 🤟 🤙

Willis Blevins

Very good thanks

Freddy Outdoors

Looked a Mint camp hot tent village by the looks of it

Doug Dixon

What a cracking camp.

Glenn Mellish

Cracking video again mate. Was a really good trip, always good catching up with boys and laughing the night away 👌

austie outdoors

good camp adam and you won the can,s game well in brother see you on your next video