Solid Repair for a Broken Fishing Rod

▶ Rod testing can be seen here:

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The CWS Guide Library is a collection of videos aimed at helping you do more outdoors. In this video AJ Hauser demonstrates how he recently fixed a graphite fishing rod that was split in two pieces using a dowel rod, Berkley Fireline Braid and some Flex Coat wrap epoxy. Relax as he shows you each and every step of the process.

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The Minimalist Fisherman

Testing can be seen here:

Razz So

New pole

Michael Duncan

If you can find an old fiberglass rod and use a section of that…or bamboo chopsticks…!!!

John Garrie

Grate video 👍🏻

Mark Murray

Fixin guides on fishing pole


like the vid . What was the 2 epoxy's used? New subscriber! Like the funny bloopers too!

mohammad nasser

Good day for you.. it's nice vedio .. if you can give us full details.. like from where we can buy the same materials to build new rode .. and the material for preparing

Fateh Abdullah

Can I use the same epoxy that was used on dowel over the braid winding? Or it has to be some flexible glue? Because of Covid not venturing out and I want to use only the resource that I have at home like shoe goo that is used for shoe repair.

Terry Fletcher

Finish with a heat gun or hairdryer

Leigh Holman

great video, are you still using this rod?

Badr Essam

Keep up the good work
Hoop you are in good health 🤗

Badr Essam

I do think that cutting about half of an inch in both sides will eliminate any cracks and avoid them spreading after the fix
What is your opinion 🤗

Ray C

Nice job! Even if I'm just seeing this from 6 years ago.

Ray C

Looks like an old Bass pro Shops Bionic Blade?

sang soon choi

Love this rig! I hadn't fished in years, but I walk along the James River on my way home from work and wanted to see if perhaps maybe I could catch dinner along the way some nights. This setup easily fits into my backpack. Yesterday, was Day Two. I struck out on Day One, but wasn't surprised, given that the James is in flood right now.


Nice repair my friend, what if instead of a wooden dowel to use a plastic one like pvc or another kind of hard plastic but still with the ability to bend. I think this way you wouldn’t lose any of your rod’s elasticity, therefore you avoid to get even a slight bend deformation, which may occur with the wooden dowel, after long period of use ?

Ja Ha

I like the video – and am thinking of repairing an old rod of mine in the same way. So thanks for that!
Just one question, I can't find the video where you test the rod after the repair. I know it's ages ago that you did this video, so if you never got around to making that video* any chance you could write a few lines about how it held up, please?
Keep on doing the videos!
*(which is fine, not out to blame/shame anyone!)

The Minimalist Fisherman

Here is a 2020 Update on the Jon Boat:

Southern land Outdoors

A good viable option instead of using a wood dowel find a solid fiberglass rod like a driveway marker


Is the fix still holding up? I think you are ready to start building your own rods? Lol I know this video is very old. But hey. Lol tightlines!