Something MASSIVE Picked Up the Bait!!! (New PB!)

A big fish is on the end of my line!

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dustin white

Nick where is the new video?

Troy Bradley

I missed you yesterday hope everything is ok and you are still making videos see ya later buddy

Dan Crofford

It's Friday 9-30-22 and there was NO nick from 618 fishing video thrusday 9-29-22, I hope Nick's ok

Willem Van Der Nest

Hope you are doing well. I see you haven't uploaded your newest adventure yet

Tyree Uzzle

Why do the biggest fish always like the ultra light tackle


Бедная золотая рыбка…

Moto Dodo

Hey bud just wanted to see if you are doing OK or if something happened. I don't care about uploads but when a pattern is broke makes me think something happened. Hope all is well and take care man.

Jaydee Hughes

rewatching this one as you didn't upload y day hope to see a new video in the next few days

David_jo 45

Its nice when u catch a big fish on a small rod is nice bcuz of the fight the fish gives. My brother caught a 8 kg pike on a small rod and had a good 5-6 min fight


No new video. Hope all is well with you Nick and his family. God bless


Poor guy looses alot of fish


Fish on doesn't need to be said every time

Jack Boyd

hey nick i don’t know if you were using a circle hook for that big fish that got off but if you weren’t you should and if you were don’t set the hook, just kinda let the fish pull tight and maybe swing the rod alittle.


Use heavier line ya dummy. Every video you complain about snags but never use adequate line


Very good video. I have never even seen a buffalo, freshwater drum or bowfin but you seem to catch them regularly. Have you ever caught any pikes or pickerel?

Fishlicker's world

It is funny to see such a small spillway full of great fish. But this is what fishing is about – finding the fish and catch it. Great videos Nick. You are one of my go to guys to learn how to shoot the best fishing videos.

Steve Mick

Always a joy to go fishing with Nick! Contagious enthusiasm ! thanks for sharing!


You gotta loosen the drag bud.

Drew Tunstall

When you’re using a big Carolina rig and big bait if you get a solid hookset the first time you don’t need to yank on the fish for additional hooksets. The circle hook and heavy weight will do it’s job when you stop the fish mid-run.

артем з

In the net! Oh, no! It's off! ))))

Rapala Sniper

I felt it bro😭😭😭
From the hook set till the end. Just sell that catfish rod and buy another because I fell like thats cursed or something. Can't be possible that each and every time you loose the big one on that rod

Mindof Harris

I gotta ask, What's the name of the bumper song? intro?

ML fishing and memes

Nick what hooks do you use for ultralight fishing my hooks always bend when I accidentally hook a big fish


Hey man, you have to be a lot easier after the hookset. Give it slak. Dont make the fish a New mouth.