Split View Controller in App (Swift 5, Xcode 12, 2020) – iOS Development

In this video we will learn how to set up and use Split View Controllers in Swift 5 and Xcode 12. Split View Controllers are great ways to offer user navigation in your app – especially on iPad. They are quick and easy to set up and look great.

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Sam Lewis

How can you embed this into a tab bar controller? Can you make a video on this ASAP??

Zig Beehaviour

Any plans to achieve the same in SwiftUI?

Michel Meixner

Thanks for the tutorial. I'm having an error with splitVC not being recognized in the definition of the extension. I did declare splitVC = UISplitViewController(style: .doubleColumn) as global

Vanshaz Saharan

Is using split view controller similar to using master detail view app template in older versions of xcode?

Ihwan ID

Congrats 10K

Areeb Ur Rehman

Congratulations on 10k 🎉
You will reach much more In sha Allah ✨

Kateland Vu

👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💻 but do you have a SwiftUI version for this tutorial?

Harry Đinh

I've been looking for a tutorial on this for so long! Thank you so much!!!

Temo Kaxniashvili

Thanks for descriptive content.

David G

Congrats on 10K! Definitely more will subscribe ….lets Aim for 25K on 12/25… Thank You for your content