Teachers Pull Books To Avoid Felony Prosecution From DeSantis Law

Teachers are being told to withhold ALL of their classroom library books until they can be individually reviewed for certification in the wake of a new law, House Bill 1467, which can result in a third-degree felony if violated. Dr. Rashad Richey and Sharon Reed discuss on Indisputable. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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“Duval County Public Schools is in the process of reviewing all material in classroom libraries to stay compliant with a new state law signed by the governor last year under House Bill 1467. Some teachers said they’ve been told to temporarily pack up their books until they can be certified.

“We are being asked to restrict classroom libraries…sadly you will need to remove student access,” said an email from a DCPS principal to teachers. “School principals are responsible for compliance with school district procedures meaning I will be the one with a felony if we are found in violation…I wish I was making this all up, but I am not.””


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Qqq Ppp

Cmon people it’s TYT they love kids at drag shows, criminals & the destruction of AMERICA

Jason Stephens

Did you not read to part of the bill that said they want to remove books with pornographic content. If you are going to have a channel please know all your facts sir. Its dangerous what you are doing.


You're a LIAR, Dr. Richey. Leaving out the details and manipulating your audience is the real evil. It's not DeSantis. Maybe argue based on the TRUTH to help your audience think for themselves instead of gaslighting us. Liar.

Natalie Foss

Who is buying this bullshit? How stupid are your followers to believe this crap? The only books banned are inappropriate or sexual adult content being pushed on children in school. That's it. No other book is banned. Why do you support sexual content being pushed on young children? That's grooming. It's indoctrination. Not education.

Stop forcing YOUR beliefs on children. You should be TEACHING children to think for themselves . That's education. Your party wants indoctrination. Big difference.

If a teacher had to get rid of their whole library, I have questions. Because it must have been nothing but books pushing trans, gays, CRT, white hate, masturbating etc…

No regular children book banned. Your viewers obviously do not research anything. Because this is so far from the truth. What a joke. It's embarrassing. Just like the " don't say gay" bill didn't even have the word gay in it. It had nothing to do with limiting the word or action. Again, it was about keeping sexual content at home. Not in school. We are talking about K- 3rd graders. If your preschool age child needs to know about trans, abortion,sex etc teach it at home. That's not a teacher's job. Again a teacher's job should be to teach basic core subjects and to teach children how to think. NOT WHAT TO THINK.

Romeo Johnson

Are you a stupid or just simple minded? You are promoting that children should be learning about sex when they don't even know basic mathe? Are you a pedophile? Are you fucking insane?! If you were a teacher and you promoted this for my children I would make sure you never worked in any school ever again. You are an abomination just like the rest of the entitled delusional people. You and them have no say in what we want our children to learn, teach your children that bs at home and leave our children out of your little weird and freaky fantasy!


https://youtu.be/Pz0aK65A2ts here is what you are not telling if you wanna tell the truth tell the whole truth we as parents do not want adult books being shown to our kids in school by groomer teachers and you having a fit about them being banned just shows you love adult books being shown to children which also shows you are a groomer as well and want kids to be groomed which is sick and disturbing so please stop spreading misinformation to push your groomer idealogy onto our kids


The thing that confounds me is that Dr. Richey LARPS about fighting against willful ignorance while being wildly willfully ignorant. Tough questions at hand here, but Dr. Richey's inability and stubborn unwillingness to listen to the concerns of others (empathize) is truly something to behold.

This is coming from a parent of elementary school children who has personal experience with gender transitions of 1st graders (without informing parents) and in-school drag queen story hour for 4th graders in our local public schools. Not to mention a strong push for incorporating Critical Pedagogy into my childrens' class work.

Nothing to see here, right Dr. Richey?

Del Evans

Are you drunk or just an angry groomer?

Robin Edwards

Seems like Hitler’s Germany

Martin Wilcox

Open anti-black racist in the florida governor and since residents of florida put him there again there obviously racist too..welcome to Amerikka
The struggle continues ✊🏾


I really enjoyed seeing you cry you sicko pedo loving groomer propagandist liar. Shame on you!

phyastartah Phyastarah

As a black grandmother from the Brooklyn pj's who faced racial strife. I am the daughter of a school teacher. I stand with DeSantis. This video is a whole REACH. Go read the curriculum for yourself and get back to me.

Jason Griffith

The "African American studies" weren't actually "African American studies". Woke teachers snuck in courses like "Gender Queer History" and others that have NOTHING to do with African American Studies…. THAT is why it was rejected. Leftist teachers got busted trying to sneak indoctrinating lessons into the curriculum. But you won't tell your listeners that, will you Rashad? Nor will you tell them that the bill you call "Don't Say Gay", doesn't say anything about not saying the word "gay". It prevents teachers from pushing their ridiculous gender ideologies onto their students. They don't need to be talking about their personal lives. They just need to teach the kids how to read, write and perform math. Even if they aren't woke, and are in a straight marriage, they don't need to talk about their personal lives to the kids.

If you have to seek validation from other people's children… THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU!

Free Willy

Doc you been called out for you bs narrative

David Jones

DeSantis can really trigger them pedophiles.

Astute Thinker

Ok groomers…

Charles Higgins

I have a question for you, "doctor"……do you think it's appropriate for schools (or any institution that involves teaching or caring for children) to make pornographic material available to minors? Because that is exactly what this legislation is really about. Ron DeSantis is trying to ensure that American children do not grow up having their minds contaminated by some of the filth that is being pushed into the classrooms in this country! And you have a problem with that?! So how about it, answer my question with your honest opinion……that is, if you're not a coward. Do you honestly believe that it is appropriate for pornographic material to be made available to minors in classrooms?

Genghis Khan

You are a great Beta girl…….


“Some things are worth getting arrested for and children are at the top of the list”

In this context, sounds very p3d0. Hiding in plain sight smh

Angelo Maximus

This Country Needs More leaders
Like Ron DeSantis
To stand up Against this woke ideology
And sexualization of our children.

Jason Griffith

YOU'RE A LIAR, Rashad. They aren't doing what you're claiming they're doing. They're banning pornography and other books that are inappropriate for children. Woke teachers have been brainwashing children into their repulsive ideologies and the parents have spoken out against it! THE LEFT MUST LIE TO THEIR SHEEPLE!!!


Glad to see people flaming this dude over these lies 😂

King Rod's Corner

I'm glad there are some sane people in the comments. Mr. Richie shame on you for not telling the full story and spreading propaganda.

Free Willy

Mr, Richey, are you a pedophile? If not, why are you crying about pormpgraphic books being banned from school libraries!? Wth is wrong with you? And you're flat out deceiving your stupified viewers, black hudtury6ud not banned from bring taught, what is banned is BLACK QUEER HISTORY it's called!! Why do any minors need to hear about ANY queer people no matter what their colour smdh!! Why would you so deeply deceive your viewers to sow fear and loathing and deeply divide the nation, a nation divided against itself cannot stand, a house divided against itself cannot stand as well you know!! I know you advocate for MAPS or minor attracted persons, but we parents don't want pedophilia in our classroom and neither should you. Shame on you.

Marsha C LaRoche


Jeffery Pressley

That is so, true. Please stand against him teacher's.

Angelo Maximus

Dr. Rashad Ritchey
You have no clue
You Agree with children being expose to adult sexual Material
Like homosexuality and other perversions

Ancestral Productions

Where is president Biden's condemnation of this? He preaches "silence is complicity" for other groups. Fk him and Desantis.

G Rdr

God bless yoi Ron, God is on your side you did the right thing cleaning up the schools


Bruh are you slow? They need to pull ya Dr designation

Ben Nelson

You are an idiot

Dana Williams

Florida students will be the most ignorant in the country!! Also slaves were in this country well before 1860 to the idiot who said that!! Slavery ended in 1865 genius… this is exactly why history in this country needs to be taught accurately!
There needs to be a mass exodus in Florida of teachers and black families!!!
BOYCOTT FLORIDA.. especially athletes at Florida, Miami, and Florida State!!! Stop letting that state that doesn’t respect our history and suffering use you!!


Your the liar!!



Panama 2018

Stop lying its books that has inappropriate things kids shouldn't see

J.D Ripley

How dare they take playboy out of school Libraries! Those kids deserve to see vintage pamala Anderson !! 😅😅😅 keep up the fight for porn in a school library ! Your doing great Rashad! 👏🏽


Wow, why does this guy lie so much? He is nothing more than a race-baiter/political-baiter. Maybe if he did some actual research he would know that it does not shut down the libraries or remove all the books, just those that are of pornographic or indoctrinating varieties which should not be allowed anyway.