The 10 Minute Power Hour Out of CONTEXT! – Game Grumps Animated Collab

0:00 Intro
0:03 Animated by ► Anastasia S. Kulczytzky Spruill

0:26 Animated by ► BoyExtraordinary

0:49 Animated by ► IkuzoJosh

1:11 Animated by ► Cameron “West” Jones

1:31 Animated by ► Zebirdbrain (Marie-Ève Lacelle)

1:49 Animated by ► Charles Moss

2:11 Animated by ► MissRiah

2:38 Animated by ► Rizatch

2:54 Animated by ► Moonlitravenart

3:18 Animated by ► Joey A. Morgan

3:29 Animated by ► Milkymichii (Diana Maria)

3:50 Animated by ► Abnormal Chaos

4:17 Animated by ► AvianAlien

4:31 Animated by ► Emski Stay

4:50 Animated by ► Jake Doubleyoo

5:08 Animated by ► KaiPie

5:36 Outro

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Game Grumps are:
Arin ►
Danny ►

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3:07 "Your mom does horses for a living!"
Wow Arin, you're just gonna let that one slide?

Joey Tinker

I've watched these episodes so many times I can see the actual episodes in my minds eye

Fire Birb

I loved all of these <3 😀

Dark Wolf

So cute

olivia ingledue

floating baby noise arin makes me 🥰

reece Pierce

3:45 a girl version of Dan lol


I'm grapes

Sea Bunnies

Girl Dan and Aaron are just the cutest things in the damn world!!!

Marmadune Shazbot


Sidian Slaps

No not the stegosaurus!

YFSI deadshot

I’m grapes!


"I'm grapes!"

Weeb Gamer Kade (Weeby)

Queen Suzy is perfection

nikolai waack

I love this amazing jobb everyone xD


1:12 I see this, and I can ONLY think about a big ol’ dragon swooping in and interrupting my execution.

Smug Catto

i would totally dance with princess arin

TheHuman ShyGuy

The piano at the end was awesome


Yay! Another collab!! <3

0:25 Yes! LOL
3:04, 3:08 Absolutely killed me LOL

The PNolandS

Glad to see some representation for the Medieval Times Power Hour, love that one


Kinda funny that this is called “out of context” considering the context is pretty clear

Emma Bancroft

goth queen suzy is so perfect

Tanner D

Dan, NOBODY can draw a horse! It's impossible! Ask ANY artist! Jeez


Arin: deep self reflection and examination.
Dan: I am grapes.

Kristi Andrychowicz

This makes me so happy 😊


1:11 – Does anyone know what game or episode this particular animation is from?

Ryan Webb

4:19 I lost my ****! That joke was just PRICELESS!!

Big Slorbs of Kyrgyzstan

strawberry arin sent me to places I cannot mention


why is it that Arin and tsundere go together so well?

Origami Swami

Not gonna lie, I was expecting the "MOOOAAAR" clip to show up