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David Green

Hey Law By Mike
I am a twelve year old in the UK and have noticed a money making opportunity in my school and i would like to know that it is legal under UK law.

Basically my school is selling a drink ,called Randor splash from a company called Randor Hills, for almost 5x more than the original price from their supplier, and i would like by that drink of the suppliers website and then sell it for a lower price at my school than is being charged in the cafeteria.

Given the circumstances of my school taking advantage of inflation and drastically over charging for a drink is it legal in the United Kingdom to sell that drink at my school for a lower price than the school.

I’d love to know your answer so please make a video responding to this or reply to this message.

Gavin H

If the flash got a speeding ticket I wonder how much it would cost to pay

Bob Scaduto

Question??? Is it legal to video in a business without owners permission??

Selim Ozen

Hey Law by mike! I have a question, why don’t courts use lie detectors as evidence? Wouldn’t have made it easy to catch criminals?


How… just how when my teacher explains it it’s so boring af but when he does it it’s Interesting


That new law in Arizona, regarding recording police, went up the court ladder and none of the State, County or City employees would stand up in court and fight to keep that law. Therefore it was ruled as unconstitutional.
How did it become law if a government agency wouldn't stand up and fight to keep it in the books?


It’s your choice if you want to go to trial but your lawyer knows best they’re the expert.

T-Bone NA

Didn't know about the new law in Arizona. I'll start carrying my measuring tape.

S t a i n F a c e

Im hoping someone can explain to me the situation
Supposedly he’s facing max 25-27 years in prison, that’s insane.

Burglary and stealing 3 bottles, that’s not the same as a manslaughter charge 😂
Even with allegations and other accusations I don’t see any way to justify a near life sentence like wtf
What am i missing


At this point WB should cut their losses and just recast. Maybe after they finish filming the last season of the Flash TV show they can just bring Grant Gustin over to the movie side.


You spoke of not filming too close to the cops and I understand some of it they've got to be able to operate but what about when you film something from across the street clearly you're far away by everybody's standards but it's something goes down that looks bad for the cops they'll step a block and a half away trying to confiscate camera equipment because they look bad on the footage that can't be right

Jenifer Johnson

But if cops are abusive it’s usually during arrest and questioning

iiTz Pepsi

Mike I have a question my moms with Geico she has a $1000 deductible she was in her car when another person opened her passenger car door and hit my moms front driver door and fled the scene as my mom was telling her to stop I have it all on dash cam and have proof of the scratches and dings on the door and her license plate as I chased after her once I got back in the car coming out of the store as my mom waited in the car her insurance progressive has been milking the clock for a month now saying they can’t get in touch with her blah blah my moms not going to pay the deductible she wants progressive and the other person to pay since they hit her can I sue them and progressive for not repairing the door it’s snowing and rock salt is being thrown down I don’t want my moms car to start rusting out

philly d

why do you say they instead of he

Jo Menz

🤣🤣 Let's make a DILL! 🤣🤣


Combined videos that have been uploaded


Here's one question: have you ever tried like to be Mighty Harvey Spector???


Ezra Miller is on fire lately. They're playing crime bingo


Fifth 💀


The fact that he can run at the speed of light already makes him better than Saul ⚡


Ezra Miller out here speedrunning their career

AvGeek Guy

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