The Quest, A French Adventure – Carp Fishing

The Quest, A French Adventure – Carp Fishing

A few of the Prologic team; Frank Warwick, Simon Dew, Ed Betteridge and Ben Steger venture to the historic and scenic Mar Peche lake in France, in search of big carp.

The team talk about their approach to the lake in terms of location, rigs, bait and baiting strategy, as well as discussing what the trip means to them.

In this first of a 2-part film, Ed banks something a bit special, in the form of a long unforgettable fish.

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david coates

As per previous comments; the leather is one hell of a fish . Great film Simon, looking forward to part 2 👍

Cliff Lister

Right then any1 interested in Prologic stuff should read this. The prologic inspire bivvy is a 9/10 bivvy, ground sheet is amazing. Now onto the Prologic c series alarm set…………………………..0/10 they are SHIT! if there a rock in the line of site of your alarms/receiver they don,t work even if your only10 foot away. So i brought the nash r3,s. Prologic are very good for bivvys but there alarms are fucking crap and a total waste of money and space.

Bri Sul

Another great video!! What a fun fishing adventure! I am still learning how to fish! I really like to fly fish. My dog and I love being outside! It’s our happy place! Thanks for sharing this inspiring video!

The Fishing Bloggers

Good angling lads, shame we couldn’t be there. Well edited Si 🔥

John Roman

Frank.. you mentioned Jim Gibbinson line aligner in ur clip. What ever happened to him, still around, fishing ?

I cut my carp teeth on you old school carp guys, Carp World articles etc.

John .. S. Africa 🎣. Great video guys

Matti Parker

Mar Peche can be a nut cruncher at times, good to see the team getting amongst em. Looking forward to seeing which one of the bigger carp Frank landed….👍🎣

Hugh Barnes

That leather was insane. Great video lads

Martyn's Angling Adventures

Enjoyable watch guys!

Simon Dew Carp Fishing

Such a wicked place take me back 😜

NI Carper

Fantastic watch well done Simon on the edit and look forward to part 2. Pity I couldn’t make the trip myself!