They Crashed My Car!!!

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Snooping Around with you


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Blesssings for your family

Riri Riri

Candy you look really pretty te mireas bien mujer

Sandra Perez

Esta celoso candy ya no te va dejar andar sola despues te roban no te creas estas hermosa me gusto tu cambio 🥰 saludos y nestor nadie va cuidar los carros como tu deverias aser k el page eso k iso

Angeles Velasco


Ana Castillo


Joanna Mercado

Candy is looking 🔥! 💕

Alice Gastelo

Wrecked my car not crashed

Jasmine Nunez

Lol the cheetah looking at candy trying to jump at her thinking she’s a snack , looking great candy ❤

Marla Fuentes

Thank God for insurance ❤

mrs Ramirez

Too much car 😳😂😂😂

Luna Zavala

Candy has always looked great and i dont think she needed work done and i actually dont see a difference.

Yolanda Martín

The situation w the car is so sad!!!🥺

Jennifer Lopez

Lol my 3 year old is always taking his shorts and shirt off 😂

Blanca D.

I hope these people payed for extra insurance 🙄 and they pay for this little bump….I love y'all Candy & Nestor The Aguilars Familia 🍁❤️🍂

Jess Perez

CANDY LOOKS FUCKING BOMMMMMMB!!!!!! I love the way her mommy makeover came out! It looks so natural on her! 💕 #BodyGoals

Omira Santillanes

Can't believe they crashed Nestor's car and I will pray for a new car for Nestor.

Ricky Mtz

Lmfao 😂Pinché nestor “ira ese caballo” 🐴 😂😂😂

Rose Escobar

I hope one day I can met you guys soon 🥺❤come to LA

Diana Lopez

Tell candy to stop wearing black so much lets see what her surgery is really looking like flash what u paid

Irene Velazquez

I hope the person paid the damages

Melissa Martinez

Angelique laughs just like her brother Sebastian ☺️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏼

Jay Trejo

Omg i will cry if mine will get hit

Rebecca Duran

You are a very blessed family i love watching you. . sorry about your car but i know that gonna get fixed. God gots you!


Arriva la finikera! Love you Águilars ! ❤️

Nicholas St Louis

Blanca Sanchez

He said "Minor scratch" lmao pues si como no lo compro el 🤣🤣🤣 No le dolio el chingadaso!!

Lexy Tapia🦋

Angelique so adorable 🥰 cute her laugh❤🥰 is Everything makes me smile everytime sorry to hear about this Nestor hope you can get it fix candy you look amazing and beautiful 😍

Biridiana Franco

Ahh Nada mas me opere you wanna be holding my hand 😂😂😂💀

Rosalba Martinez

Candy you look so beautiful y muy contenta ♥️que dios los bendiga siempre son una hermosa familia♥️

The 3 Jara sisters

I'm so glad it was a crash that could be fix. 🙏 And I'm so glad the family was out at the zoo making time for family is the best !!! By the way I don't comment alot but I do watch all your videos 💜 makes my day💕


What are some nice hotels for families near this zoo it look so fun !?

LisaMarie Garcia

It’s all fun and games until someone really gets hurt or under ground

Ruby Juarezzz

You guys have always touched me my dad had cancer and we lost him I love you guys so much ❤

Lorena Lozano

Pero no les cobras a el part of the repair. At other rental places they charge. So u guys to charge the driver extra charges

rubi valenzuela

Lo que importa es la vida de una persona y no lo material

Sweets by Anaa 🍓

What people don’t understand is that even if they have money, they have WORKED HARD AF for all the things they have now. So for someone to rent the car and say it was a “ small” hit wasn’t even true when you can clearly tell it was big. I’m so sorry candy & Nestor that people can be so inconsiderate and not take care of things even if they aren’t theirs.

Chasity Smith

Beautiful family ❤❤