Things have escalated. Now Nick's in hiding. |@Rekieta Law

Don’t worry @Rekieta Law is alive and well his wifi just sucked so I had to play it off as scary with his Mocking of the mass flagger 😂❤️⚖️
Here is the Full Livestream of Nick:

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R Folmar


Sven Leuchtenberger

I know this would be clipped.


Wear the Murphy beard and everyone will assume you're a Democrat.


Even after everything, the grift stays strong!


Nick is hilarious. But this is just a shining example of how normal people handle their problems in life that don't have a victim mentality. Outright mockery and refusal to give in to these people is the best way to take the power away from them. The troon squad literally spends their days hoping and praying that someone will threaten them or swat them so they can exploit the situation for their own personal gain. But a normal person just shrugs it off like water off a ducks back. And it drives them insane that you aren't afraid of them. Nick will forever have the power because he will never give them what they want.

Jas Holden

Escalating must be stopped.

Dan Mosley

Come on squeeze out a tear.


He nailed the facial expressions 100% hahaa!

What's that behind Nick though? Some sort of future four-poster bed? Hahaa!

Liz Kril

You are funny as Phuuck! Not bad for a Commy.

Joe Z.

You need help ASAP. I just withdrew all the cash from my bank account. Where can I send it?


Nick learned everything he knows to do this from AOC and Heard.

Valkyrie Akeso

Wtf is this for real? I can't tell how serious this is supposed be and what thw he'll is the kiwk farm


🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 made my day!


Have you been dehumanized?? I barely recognize you!

Madison Shikolai

I fucking hate him. 💀💀💀💀
kind of miss y'all. lol
I'll be back soon, hopefully. Love y'all! 🚫🍞

Texas dave

Hahaha. All hail Pope REKIETA

roy wall


Lauren Vogt

Dying! 😂 LITERALLY watched this over 10 times & I can't get thru it without cracking up!!! It's so sad Nick’s a better actor than AH! AMAZING video! 🥰😂

Alexander Smith

Send pizzas to his hotel room

Wendi Landkammer

I totally love the horror movie vibe going on.


🤣🤣🥸 how do you hide that 👃😂

Ken Danieli

I remember when Nick used to be funny.

Big Red

Nick! Keep sticking it to these brain dead fuck witts👍👊💥
They are only butt hurt because you own your one home and don't live in your mommy basement like they do!
They are all starting to panic! 😱😱😱
Now they have to get their mommy's to rush out and panic buy hot pockets! as the great hot pocket shortage begins! 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Oh. My. God. This is hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂

Susan Aerne