TOTAL IDIOTS AT WORK! Top Dangerous Idiots Truck Fails Compilation! Fastest Truck Fails Driving #12

TOTAL IDIOTS AT WORK! Top Dangerous Idiots Truck Fails Compilation! Fastest Truck Fails Driving #12

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Aneka Hobi

Kenderaan kecelakaan😱

Tu te Kohe

The guy driving the giant Russian Bulldozer across the bridge must have balls of steel.

Steve T

What do videos of RC cars have to do with work fails?

Tu te Kohe

The best thing when it looks like you’re getting stuck is instead of waiting for assistance, thrash around so that you get well and truly and irreversibly bogged – and even better, tip it over.

One Man's Junk Is Another Man's Treasure

There's drivers and then there's screwdrivers 👍🏼


idiot is the people who vote for politicians, those in the video are workers overcoming countless problems

Atomic B5172

Truck drivers are some of the dumbest, brain dead people you will ever encounter in public.

Berrier Gilbert

photo de présentation totalement nulle

Mathijs Weber

I have been sprayed with a mist of hydraulic oil once it’s not cool


Who cares about the remote control car in the middle shit video and sounds

Elmet Brown

0:01 what does a blowout have to do with an idiot?

Rafal Smiech

Brawo ruskie DEBILE lepiej wam wychodzi bandytyzm

Андрей К

Идиот это автор канала


I have no idea what they were trying to do at 14:13.

John Robertson

20:30 looked like the clip was taken from the big mac machine…would be cool to have seen it…

Manju Natha

3:27 owner of the fleet declared bankrupt.

Manju Natha

The accidents are happening not only in the third world countries but even in the well developed countries. Where the drivers are illiterate, drunk, and roads are in damn worst condition, corruption in issuing the driving licence in the underdeveloped countries are the reasons, wherein Speed, booze, mental stress are the reasons in the developed countries. But here in India, bad roads, road senseless drivers, corrupt authorities, and Speed are the main reasons.

Deborah chesser

Fork drivers, never travel,with the mast extended

Kraków Olkusz

TOTAL IDIOTS AT WORK and we start with a tire blow out… what an idiot tire -_-

Steve Green

Why show mirrored image???

Tuesday Allred

The majority of these are a severe lack of training on proper equipment.

RolfFarmedfacts supervisor-reborn

Some of these are russian Kamaz. as a Norwegian; the "Best Of Russia compilations" are very true!!

Richard Frias

Two words…
We are Awesome 😎

Mike Loghry

8:52 He's not a rookie. That's for sure. Nice work!

Sapri Marathra

Total idiots at video editing – several texts on car's are mirrored…


25:54 that was a job ending experience

Keith Lyons

28.31 Young bloke in overalls tells him that the manager wishes to speak with him. ( That was his last day working there. )

Martin Beran

Looks like most of the idiots is in russia…

El Kamynante

The only (very) Total Idiot I can see here is the Absolute Idiot uploaded this video

LVQ Incredible

I watched the video with my lover. And whatever comes has happened I Love You DO YOU LOVE ME



MORGAN richrd

In public arena we should be polite and refrain from using words such as IDIOT.

lawrence hudson

Why is all the lettering backwards?

Javeed Sultan

At 13:55, obviously using the wrong equipment
Using a Forklift
When a pallet truck is called for 🤔

Gib Melson

wie kann man solche scheißverwackelten aufnahmen ins netz stellen, heinz ?

Javeed Sultan

At 9:25, is the fail the truck, or the cameraman trying to take the video in the middle of a cat 8.8 earthquake

la blackzed

Mishandling machinery can get you killed its no joke .😡Especially forklifts.😠

Donald Sexton

Guy at 8:12 is a legend.


A few of these are equipment failures. How does that make the person an idiot?


Nice machinery was destroyed because of stupid people who had no clue what they were doing. Stupid is forever and cannot be fixed.

Cory Johnson

Some of these guys are actually pretty good. Some of them on the other hand need to be kept as far away from trucks and heavy equipment as absolutely possible.