Tractor Pull 2022: Pro Stock Tractors. OSTPA. Wyandot County Fair.

OSPTA Pro Stock Tractors from the 2022 Wyandot County Fair Pull in Upper Sandusky, OH. #tractor #tractors #tractorpull #tractorracing #tractorpull2022 #tractorstuff #johndeere #caseih

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How about that Challenger Pro Stock? And how about King Of Deeres!!!!

Burt Brooks

How bout the D2 PRO, Deppens bought it too, that one is green in the middle as well💪😉

Tom King

Always enjoy seeing more than green or red at a pull, takes a lot more effort to make them competitive, way to go Challenger!


Yes! Those effen lights were absolutely horrible 😫!! I stopped watching, l thought l was going to stroke out, 😛
my eyes are still flashing, Hey can't that cause an epilepsy attack, like bring one on in some people?? Wow, who thought that blinding peeps was a good idea 💡?
I know it's not your fault,
Bad idea! 👎


My camera was not happy with the lights on the sled on King of Deeres run 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 it didnt know what to do there. Sorry about that.


I was at this pull. Pretty good show. Austin Dukes is a kid in my class