Trafalgar. D .Law showcase | Anime Warrior

This is a pain to get
Game :
Discord :
Music : Drove Amaro – Dreeep

#anime #animewarriors #onepiece

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i dont think the devs understand how laws power works lol

KING mayhem

pov: ur under 13 and you cant say numbers

Luffy solos 😹😹

Can someone please help me grind for him 😢

Eren O Yeager

Why are u numbering the skills when its in order


how did you level it up so fast omg


How the hell you got law at lvl 8, aswell have him max lvl.

Ujjwal Kumar

When freeza showcase


do frieza


yo breakingplayz how ya get orb

look backIN

how to get law?

so sad

No dmg fr

Roronoa D water luffy

Trafalgar d water law


i was expecting better looks mid


Damn bro, this character for pvp, I see it completely OP. What about people who say it's bad unit? Its good, u only need skills to use it. For pve, I think don't work so good 8/10.

Yeet Its me dragon

which is better madara or law? I see law very good for PvP but in pve idk


plz show Frieza


Law looks like a good
wave clearer, although his 4th move could use a buff and maybe slightly bigger aoe on his first or 2nd skill depending on how many enemies they can hit
Edit: Holy law does no damage, definitely needs a damage buff.

Keanou Dupper

holly crap thats the most mediocre law ive ever seen. This game had a lot of potential


U are an admin or something like that right? cuz its literally impossible to get Law at the time, and even more impossible at ur player lvl

Om Bery

He’s kinda bad