UFO Seen Through Window of Dragon capsule, Oct 2021, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Eyewitness states: You can see the chapter 5, minute 37 with 18 seconds of the Inspiration4 documentary at Netflix. A cigar shaped object pas super fast very close to the Dragon capsule. They can’t say it is space debry or a meteor rock because that would be the worst negligence ever, puting 4 civilians in danger despite of all the security measures they have. See the video, first at normal speed and then in slow motion.

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Outdrag a chevy!


Conspiracy theorists discover LEO is not empty, 2021


Grinsebacke 😀

Civisme Secret

nice find


There's also a small dark "tadpole" zig-zagging just left of center moving upward at the 36 minute 50 second mark in the same video.

Dairon Smith

Although this is amazing, why is this so funny to me?? Lol. Look how fast it speed by!!! Almost like they're trolling!!!🤣🤣🤣


to me it looks like something INSIDE the aircraft hitting his shoulder.


Smart guy,knowss how to be clever and get the info out.They dont want us to know everything. Right now we have technology that would power the world&take away all of our electric bills,gas falls off a cliff instantaneously. Revealing all of the info would cause our entire world to come crashing down. All of our money is based off the petro dollar&that will be nonexistent. They know this&are planning for a huge shift. When we built roads and bridges and all that infrastructure the ETs were looking at us like we are complete morons. Theres no need for Roads and bridges if you have a vehicle that can fly. Once we make contact with ETsoutside of the govt the power structures of the world are majorly threatened. If ETs were to make public that they have been working with our leaders to help us but our leaders used the technology for war and to keep the human civilization held down&constantly told whats possible is impossible so they can keep the charades going.We have so much power as human beings,we are essentially god. Our spirits have been turned off in a systematic way. Once humanity awakens to the possible&awakens the spirit we will be free.


Swamp gas

Steve Alot

Typical children’s helium ballon comments incoming…

Corey Frady



I see it too.

If You Smell

It's an astroid

Keith Wilcox

Thanks, his expression says something maybe. If this is recent it may be linked to the NASA Administrators news announcement this week. Exciting times.

Allison Grant

Wow thanks again for showing this clip , when was this any one know ?




Did that object just make a turn??

Shahel Zawad

is this real footage or just a remake??