UFO SIGHTINGS CAUGHT ON CAMERA | A compilation of the internet's most divisive videos

The Pentagon has released a report all but confirming the existence of UFOs. And there has been no shortage of sightings in the past few years. These are some of the UFO videos that have divided the internet. This UFO sightings compilation is a must-watch, These people claim their videos are real. Others think they’re easily explained away. Do you agree? Let us know.

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Mario Padilla

That's it That's the one that I saw. I told you I'd find it. Haha laught a set me huh…


10:15 Why include this ? The rest is quite interesting.

Zeus Jnr Bond88

Those green triangular things look like Doritos Corn ships.

Chris Oreilly

Line line of light in space is just starlink. Space x satellites you'll see alot more in the future because they want to have like a link of 300 satellites

Bacon Crusader

That stupid one after the multiple UFOs,
Those two ships have been ripped straight out of a film called battlefield Los Angeles.

420 genius

This video is not about ufo's,….every pic can be explained!!


lol at the ones in argentina, they were included with a 3d program package


FLIR is a long-range weapon…

Dennis Hamilton

It's the same thing with police abuse videos. It's not happening in greater numbers, there's more cameras capturing video


It’s one drone videoing another!


This is a classic shape of a drone and u can clearly see the shadowing of propellers on the first portion of this video ppl!!l! Cmon! Little bit of editing helped the 4 propellers disappear a lot, but u can still see them!
I love how high tech the world cameras are these days but we can’t ever seem to get a clear COLORED video! Ever!🤔

People will do anything to become YouTube famous, making our society create lie on top of lie…and all the idiots believe it lol


First vid is def a drone bc u can see the damn movement and darkening where the propellers would be!! Not going to even continue with the rest



lance baker

I used to be one of those people who said 'if there are so many ufos' out there then how, in world full of phone cameras, are there not more and clearer videos. Then not long ago it suddenly hit me, and I asked myself the question 'how often do you look up at the sky'? The answer for me is almost never. Honestly tell me how often do you actually stand there and stare at the sky? I absolutely believe, especially after the pentagon videos, that there are some weird things out there flying around. Whether they are from other countries who have made a giant leap in technology or if they are indeed extra-terrestrial I have no clue. Regarding the 'leap in technology' it would have to have been a huge leap. Not only would they have found an invisible form of propulsion but they would have to have defeated gravity being able to just sit there in the sky. If the craft are manned they would have to have worked out how to protect a person from turning to mush caused by accelerating from zero to 10+ G's. Just some thoughts.

Denny Augustine

Man wtf is this bulls**t?


9:36 "no wind" hears a blow from the wind🤣




17:56 this looks like an array of Stalink satellites

Arif Rakhmansyah

Saya Percaya ada kehidupan selain manusia di luar bumi sana !

Steve Phillips


richard brady


Sharron Sorsky

november 2021 at 9pm I saw a police helicopter going flat out chasing a tictac shaped ufo, it flew over my house only about about 40 ft in the air it was a bit larger than the helicoptor. I smile to myself when i hear people say theres no sutch things as ufo.s

Happy Sisters

Why nobody try to give a shot at it?

David Gladwin


Petey S.D.

The only Aliens that exist are illegal.

Ppalakorn M

I caught the ufo think the ufo have 3 glowing 3 orange


That CG teasers of sightings on Hawaii ( transformed to argentina) , forest , etc was so godly back in 2010. if I remember that dude is now working VFX at Hollywood studios.


What you say is real in your mind, what counts as real is simply that which validates your existing worldview. In a sense nothing outside of your limited worldview is considered real by you. Unless it's like thrown into your face like if you're sleeping tonight and ufo abducts you and anally rapes you. Then you'll change your mind about ufos but until that happens to you you're going to consider it unreal. I mean that's just how your mind works. See 👽🛸


If you take the time and research this this was fully proved to be a jet airliner

Danny cool15

TR 3B..


what a load of crappy click bate this was

John Gorman

I find it weird that my iPhone takes better recordings than the technology driven military.

its me

10:18 is the best footage so far!

Your mom

Mexico has an Air Force? That is terrifying 😂


What confuses me is you would think that after all this time and there being so many planets and aliens out there you would think 1 alien 1 time would jump in front a news camera to photo bomb it as a joke and just take off. I understand why our government or every government in the world is hiding it from the people but why are the aliens hiding it from us? is there like a space policy that every planet needs to sign saying they won't show themselves to other planets? Also the one at 8:00 is blowing exhaust out or some form of heat. You can tell cause it's an IR camera. Or at least that's what it says on the top of the image.

Anderson Kozama



Video has no sound for me…weird.

Joona Räisänen

Even our land evening magazine confiss every land have something material

Fadel Ali

UFO is Waring is not a movie screen

Khatoon Salma

Which of these videos is real 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰👽👽

michael Curry

All governments lie even the moon landing was a lie

One Truth Media Company

On the 1st one The pilot zooming in & out constantly suggests the their
not afraid to lose sight of it. Its as if he knows it's gonna stay there. The pilot seems to be practicing with a military drone.


Triangular UFO was just something filmed with a triangular aperture