Unbelievable Cast Net Fishing – Fisherman vs River Catch Netting

Unbelievable Cast Net Fishing – Fisherman vs River Catch Netting

Wow Unbelievable Fishing Method In River Underwater Monster Fish Catching By Fisherman
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Really Amazing Unbelievable Fishing Method In River Underwater Monster Fish Catching By Fisherman
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Unique Unbelievable Fishing Method In River Underwater Monster Fish Catching By Fisherman #fish
Wow Really Smart Hand Fishing In Underground River Dry Place Underground Fish Catching by Hand #fish
Smart Hand Fishing In River Dry Place Underground Fish Catching
Wow Really Smart Hand Fishing In River Dry Place Underground Fish Catching
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Hashem N

Not a cast net.

Randy Lossa

It seems so hard that it had to take two guys to put the net in the water to get the fish

Gary Spaid

Love this

J Debell

Who nets 14 inch fish


Bro, thats fly fishing

Minh Thang Do

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