upto 50% డిస్కౌంట్ లో #iphones | Best Place to Buy Brand New & Like New I Phones | #apple

Best place to buy “Brand New” and “Like New” Apple iPhones and all other Apple products with bill and warranty in Hyderabad

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#B-1, KPHB 6th Phase Road, KPHB 5th Phase, Kukatpally, Hyderabad, 
Telangana 500072


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Store Timings: 11:30 AM To 7:30 PM

#Shop No.1, Anita Park Society, Sant Janabai Rd, Navpada, Vile Parle East, Vile Parle, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400057


Location Map

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Video Disclaimer: This video not insults, wound or hurt any religion or the religious sentiments, beliefs or feelings of any persons or class or community including business personal. This is created for only providing information for peoples. This video is non-promotional. You need to get proper training & knowledge about business. All products buy on your own risk. This video does not promote any copies or product. This video has created for people information only. This video is only for educational purpose. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY PROFIT OR LOSS IN ANY WAY. PLEASE CHECK BEFORE BUYING THE PRODUCT AND PURCHASE AT YOUR SOLE DISCRETION.

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Channel Number: 90595 18081 call for shoot


Second Hand Mobiles & Laptops Market in Hyderabad | Smart Watches, I-Pods & Mobile accessories 👍 👌

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Irshad Irk

50% off antey 70k ki ravali bro mobile 13 pro max

Narahari Reddy

Price's tokka laga unnayi.kothhadi konukkavadame better.

siddhu smiles

Waste of time …few days back I'm asking about iphone 13 128 gb cost 70000….it's very high ….up to 20 % high


Better to buy a new iphone 11 for 4000 extra or wait for year ending sale to get it under 35000

karunakar varada

To much over priced

Madan Kassa

This is the most useless shop.

lion VDP

Will you buy any brand of mobile or will you buy only one iPhone and give an iPhone?

Aj Styles

I am visited the store.
Mobiles are not original.
Old phone ki panel and battery changes chasi sell chasthunnaru.

prem nath

Please don’t waste your time by going there prices are different in video and there

nellore berasa breed

Bajaj finance eyandi

Varun Raj

Waste in pricing

S Hareesh kumar

Antha net amount petti vestu new phone vastavi bro

S Hareesh kumar

M ra Nayana 50p ani chepi ela enti new phone vastadhi I phone 11 new phone 40 vubdhi 38 anta

Shaw Shank

Store ki ramani chaputaru kani store ki potey m correct response undadhu.


Bro koni waste bro mobiles inka 5to 6k veskuntae new mobile vasthadi waste of time for watching video

nagendra kumar

Don’t promote sellers like these . When we go to shop they are reckless and they don’t even have stock .. think about after sales experience . They are careless and reckless before selling . The same man who is speaking so nicely here does not even care

Raghavendra Prasad

I had been to this basterd from bangalore till hyderbad. He is a cheat. Please don't go to him..

Praveen Bablu

May be home and trade you don't have enough knowledge on tech that's why you are saying 50% but prices are almost similar to new mobile cost, last Flipkart sale iPhone 11 came for 40k with card offer it is only for 38500

Shiva reddy

Edhi antha fraud nenu already store visit chesa no response waste 👎👎👎

1997Rk Yt

U said 50 % less . . But compared to Competitors
& Considering all aspects … Your price is 20 %
costly . Wasted my time here

vikram vikky

Hello brother we have tried at least 10 to 20 times you have not responded simply you people are trying to fool us we have tried you so many times ! And we have visited to your shop also but there is no proper response !!!!

Ravi_A Reddy

Don’t entertain these fellows these are completely complicated phones don’t trust don’t buy


Prices are different in video and in store , this guy is fake

Murali Krishna

Only for ani matram anaku bro , heavy prices cheppi

yash pitani

Puk lo video time bokka

Rajashekar Reddy

I want i phone But price are high Any discount less price !


Any latest video from this guy?

Mijh Mijh

Hi bro na daggara iphone 11 pro max .silver colour .64 gb unde .saudi arabia lo tesukunna full good condition lo undi evarkaina kavale anta chepande

sunku aravind

Provide me details for iPhone 13

Rajkumar rock22

I want iphone 11 512gb how much


Olx is 100%best im buy i phone 12. 28k super condition

Ganesh Kondagorla

Poor response to customers 👎👎

Harish Yamusani

Valu asalu phone eh lift chyaru.. Waste of to try call.. Nearly I called 15 times and I messaged in WhatsApp lot of times…

Yuva Telugu boy

Bro miru cost 50% ani youtub lo petaru but. New mobile ki miku cost lo pedha difference ledhu endhuku bro antha high cost 60 una dhanini 40 ki ammandi miku full ga sell avuthayi


I think this is fake… I am trying to call him… So many times… But he is not taking calls…🤦‍♂️

Chaitanya Varma

Time waste these guy don't even respond to your call or message.


Bro iPhone 8 plus available

Praveen Kumar

Old phn s ki antha rate avasaram ledhu anna

Shaik Altaf

Emi available hai??

Adithya Swechha

Anna Bajaj finance Lo Evvandi ,miku full Sales Avtai