We Played in a PGA Tour Pro-Am | Farmers Insurance Open

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Grant Horvat Golf

What a day! Thanks to the PGA Tour for letting us come out

Incase anyone is wondering, Due to PGA Guidelines we couldn’t film Scott’s swing

Jim Cumming

Come on!!

Hunter Harmon

so did scott not contribute? seems like you guys didnt take any of his shots?

Ron Forster

Great course and Grant & Tig works

Jordan Wagner

Max on the thumbnail is the biggest tease


I love how the investment scammers / bots are some of the top comments… How the mighty have fallen, should have stayed with Good Good Grant…

MJ Karwal

Joggers aren't 'bold' if you're my sister or 22 years old. With age will come wisdom hopefully.

Ryan Porter

Def some shadiness on hole 9 moving that ball into the first cut!

Kade Mcdaniel

What are the joggers Tig wears?

Tommaso Grigolo

At 19:24 the dude behind is there to signal the jet that the ball is coming

Whome? Lmao

When good good goes boring

JP Madigan

Did Scott Stallings play awful? Didn’t take one of his drives or show any of his shots?

Dom Lloyd

Are Hayden and James some form of celeb/influencers?

Steve Boyle

Grant, please don't wear those joggers anymore 🤣


One day I dream of playing in the proam!! Loved this video🥰


Its just not the same anymore… 🙁

Ryan Choat

Yeah Scott is a douche, typical self righteous attitude.

Tyler Leveque

Love the content! Micah you should look up a YouTube video on you to fix ball marks. I did it just how you do it for a long time. But that actually damages the green.


The whole “huge for the program” actually comes from the movie The Program. For those that don’t know it’s probably one of the best football movies made.

Rich Lewis

As I watch this Scott Stallings it's tied for fourth late Friday. New England kid love him


Y’all were striping it. I guess that’s why y’all went from good to great. 🤣

D Sizzle

Distracted driving…. Real nice for the kids to see. Disgusting

Ryan Jackson

I don’t think Peacocks can fly lol.


Nice clickbait with Max Homa there

Kani Ou

brings me happiness seeing these experiences you all are getting. Qualifier for the wm open tomorrow wish me luck