We're at the AUCTION! Would the 1977 Kenworth Dump Truck looks better with a polished Aluminum Box?

It’s auction time again! I found an Aluminum box that would look great on the 77 Kenworth and a few other gems that I would not mind getting my hands on.

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Montana Freeman

I drive dump truck but I don’t have a CDL license.

Montana Freeman

I want that service truck with all the tools.

Jose Cabrera

Nice question for you… how u start getting to the customer so can do the jobs… I'm working on getting my own ride around… please answer…. and where is this auction located or name???

Frank Klein

I hope your husband carries a firearm!

david Cinelli

I've been a subscriber for a while and enjoy your content. As far as the Chinese work truck it's functional but as your husband says- no resale value. Vs twice the price for Kws and Petes w resale value.


Liked the tour, that diesel mechanics truck's Miller Bobcat was worth more that the bids on that truck.

Gary Cecil

An aluminum bed is a joke. Ask some of your peers.

top hauler

just remember the military used these automatics long before they became common in civilian applications.for my line of work in city pickup and delivery automated manual is so nice to have and the fuel mileage is same or better than a manual.

Tim Kirkpatrick

Real hard core when your eye candy is a dump box!😂


On the Trailer with the Plate even with wheel wells. In my Humble opinion, and I went through this with Equipment. The inside of Fender might have been open. The backhoe we had, it's tires contact the trailer tires. My guess is they loaded what ever backwards. Thank you for walk around. Those dump trailers look very interesting Brand new.

Gary Parker

Saw Bobby carrying the diaper bag the whole time, but no sight of Remy with either of you. Must have been full of snacks, huh?

Vaughn Hill

Only thing about those cutters you have to have a machine thats has high flow capacity in the hydraulic system

Vaughn Hill

Here in texas those little roll off set ups and about four roll off boxes can make a living renting them to contractors. Here a big roll off company charges a enormous amount of money to rent and dump those boxes


Buy a steel box . Steel will last . Anybody that’s ever had a aluminum box will tell you that . that’s why that one is for sale


Don’t buy the aluminum box !! It’s a pice of junk believe me

R truth

You're a sweetheart

Brad Scovell

Check it out we have many of these flatbeds vacuum trucks dump boxes Sanders all pull on with hook comment image

Jeff S

I think bobby needs a tow truck bed


Did you get a new phone? The camera looks very crisp for some reason (extra crisp I should say as the videos always look good)


I surprised a Ford truck is still in one peice with 200k miles on it.


The cooler cart is commonly used on gold courses selling cold drinks.

Sebastian Guzek

Either the automatic trans are crap or you’re old fashioned, I don’t understand. In Europe 85-95% of trucks being sold are automatic🤔
Volvo I-shift is the best one on the market.


I watch these videos from America/Canada and ive noticed us Europeans have much better trucks🤣

larry emery

If you're going to do an automatic just go with the Allison F what I have in my dump truck I drive everyday I've been driving for 5 years with that truck haven't had a licking problems with it then eating automatics or just a big headache

Al Kennedy

Ok you could get the orange 🍊 side by side , and you could bring it for the 2023 king of the hammers here in Californias Jonson valley California, it pays like 150.000 towin or something crazy like that , lol I’m not sure but it’s rock crawling at it’s finest , lol nice thanks guys , BigAl California.

John Hyde

Bobby lucky guy to have someone like you!

Al Kennedy

If you get that green truck it’s going to get a lot of your green backs ,lol nice thanks BigAl California