What Is The Use Of Rabbit Hide In Minecraft?

Minecraft Rabbit Hide: Where to get rabbit hide, what crafting recipe use rabbit hide, and everything else you need to know about rabbit hide in minecraft.

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Tbh nothing i didnt know already, but thats an extremly good and short summary of an item.


you forgot the most important, sacks

Frag Nite


nidhi sharma

Bro your channel seems Indian!!

Physco 🫶🏼

Yes , I spawned a fox and it had a rabbit hide , I have hid it in my cauldron and this is useful cause idk what to use the rabbit hide for thank touu


i didnt know that you can craft this into normal leather thx dude

WaffleBoxBG ッ

How much percent you spawn next at ocean monument comment pls if you know

Caterina Yap

Im so lucky i yot a rabbit hide from the first rabbit i killed and i only came here to know what the rabbit hide was for so thx this was helpful

Captain Caption


Gaming with Kai 328

Agreed @denis

Potato Swordsman

I wondered what it's uses so I told myself I don't need sleep I need answers, now I can sleep tnx man.


I got this 6 in my notifications 6 days late

Denis Games

Wow that had a lot of details in 2 minutes thanks


well now we know, thx👍🏽