When You Dress For Court @Law By Mike #Shorts #dress #law

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Law By Mike

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Paige Chavez

That is so sexy especially that mirror practically in front of your bed hot

C Daman

#lifelessons lol. 10 seconds can change and even ruin your life.

Daniel Vickery

This rule may apply in prolonged trials, but as someone who has had his fair share of days in court: At least where I'm from, I've seen many people come in dressed and groomed poorly walk away with less punishment for more serious infractions than mine. I on the other hand always have worn a suit and been harshly punished. This is even when the court has known about my long medical history of mental illness. The justice system is fucked no matter how you look at it, and most of the time it's not as easy to pinpoint the problem as invoking the fifth and dressing properly.

Darshan Baraiya

People saying law is unfair, it might not be, you have to look of proper etiquette, you aren't supposed to go to a job in night suit, you are a suspected criminal or such you are susceptible of crimes and for the other party you are there to win your own rights, you should be dressed properly if not a suit atleast wear some formals, we (the court) don't want to someone at ease at thier home this isn't it's a place where decisons about your life is decided have some respect.


Why did this turn me on

Firestone Animation

If i have to be in court I'm gonna dress up like I'm going to a game expo or smth.
(Meaning: Tuxedo looking sleek)

Muichiro Tokito

Not everyonr can afford a suit. smh

Jeffrey Sargent

If the judge judges u he is being prejudiced

Doctor Skull.



"Your honor, I just had bacon and eggs in morning would you like some?"

Gabriel Santiago

bruh got the gucci hanger

Om Dahake

He is really serious about it

44Jim Cordell

Also a few days before your court appearance if you're a man get a haircut. I don't know if it made any difference to the judge but at the least it made me feel more ready to go.


What if you can't buy a suit tho? All i got is a flannel and some random pair of tan pants that have a button instead of a zipper and a belt loop. (Not jeans btw)

Blue Knife

Mike is built tho

Jace  peters

I understand that you have to dress neatly but what if you are too big and can only wear tracksuits what do you have to do when you go to court


I don't own a suit. I hope I never have to appear before a judge.

jon smith

I don't have to be rich to make an appearance in court. I'm not spending money on a damn suit when I'm already gonna be paying court fees.

The whole justice system is a complete scam only meant to make you spend more money.

Pheonix Wright enjoyer

Why is Mike kinda…..

Diver Dave

…mmm you are absolutely CORRECT ! a friend of mine was in DEEP trouble and was looking at many years of " vacation " . I told her about this and explained why she had to be dressed for court ! When she met with her lawyer , he also told her the same thing ! She was very LUCKY and stayed out of prison


Oh I thought you said corn with a p at first I was like, HUH?


LAW BY MIKE 😍🥰😍😍😍😍😍🥰😍😍😍😍

the Logan gang

I got a court date and don't have the money for a suite so I suggest a long shirt and jeans will be alright if judge ask why I'm dressed this way I'll say cuss your honer this is all I could afford


So there judging a book by its cover


Does he not have a microphone for this video? His voice sounds like it was recorded without it

Digger Pete

I wore a suit when I went to the magistrates.


He looks different in T-shirt and jean and looks handsome and awesome too.

CeCe eva

But if I judge judges you based on what you wear it’s just like judging someone based on the color of their skin doesn’t make them bad or good. But that’s true tho mike 🤷🏽‍♀️

Trinity Motley

He be tryna thirst trap usssss 🥵 we’re gonna watch regardless Mike 😌

Kylenn Petersen

You can go in your work clothes if they're not unsanitary too… I'm going to work after this, why would I mess around with a second outfit for the day..ugh

Kimberly Pugh

I so agree with you Mike.

Shibam Sarkar

You are so handsome 💓

Farhia added Adeed

Suit’s is for lawyers