Why the Audi R8 is the BEST first exotic car for any enthusiast // AUDI R8 V10 PLUS BUYER'S GUIDE

Want a high-performing sports car that’s affordable to insure & maintain, and can be owned for free or even profit? Look no further than the Audi R8.


Learn how to buy your dream car without huge mark-ups (actually under market value) and own it completely free:


See 300+ examples of what Exotic Car Hacks members are driving here:





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I currently own a Dodge Charger Scat Pack Widebody at 20 years old with no job.

My car is being repaired right now after it randomly has a "service error".

I am finished "settling" for non-exotic cars that I dont truly desire.

For the past few months I was thinking of buying a Corvette C8 first before buying a Lamborghini or McLaren, but I dont even like them. They're an unattractive McLaren rebrand that is an absolute disrespect to what an actual exotic car should look like.

I am yet to know how, but I will own a Lamborghini or McLaren next!

J Lin

I was thinking about grabbing an R8, been reaching out to dealers nationwide due to the recent price drop on them so think they are good deals atm


Have you looked at the new McLaren? What do you think about it in comparison to the R8


I’m stuck between getting the R8 or 570s

Nick Nedelcu



Love the content, will join exotic car hacks when I’m ready

jorge reza

Is a nsx a good car hack?


Thorough and comprehensive overview. One minor add – a/c compressors on gen1 known problems and fix varies on v8 and v10. Not as common as struts.

Rayburn Rocker

No one talks about the Mclaren GT it's like the forgotten supercar

samson nadar

Will the 2012 R8GT with low miles, below 5k miles become a collectible in the years ahead as that had made #333 cars for the world.

Marvis Jone

Would still rather have 911 turbo 997


Is there any hack for sales tax? In California you can pay up to 10% sales tax so every time you change cars you immediately loose that percentage on top of any depreciation

Ross Woodland

Great info PJ, thank you. Would love to see the same break down on Porsche

Maxwell Benz

R8 is insane deal right now. Porsche is insane priced right now compared to this.


Great video Pejman! Glad to see you do one like this on the R8. Started shopping a few years ago (really wanted a 2015 V10 plus (final year of gen 1/facelift) but this was during all the boom on BaT and the market in general. Nevermind the manual versions that went through the roof. Got to the point that ordering a new one was cheaper. Ended up putting the order in Sept 2021 and got my allocation this past fall. ETA delivery for this July as a 2023 model.

William Wade

2023 C8 Corvette ZR1 Sold for 100k over sticker at Meacham. Does foolisness affect hacking?

John Castro

Saw that Vanquish at the beginning, do you think those are hackable? I’m looking at a ‘14 Vanquish with 60k miles and hoping I can get it for less than $75k

Robert Comella

Vanquish one of the best hacks to


It's awesome, but nsx is first for me even though some disagree.1) NSX type S 2)NSX second generation 3)nsx first generation 4) 911 Aston Martin 5) current generation R8

Can’t wait to hack this one

Aaron Pacillio

Would be interesting to see the break down on the similar, but higher priced Huracan & 458/488

your virtuoso

Very interesting vid and good advice

As for future car vids I've always wondered about 911s. What is a good hack? 996 or 997
Every other 911 seems to be priced out as I see it

Jordan King

So an 1 gen R8 V8 is better than a C8 Z06 in your opinion.

Phil B

With the price, looks and reliability I'm looking for this to be my first exotic also.


Hi Pejman. Love your videos. Could you similarly break down Mercedes GT couple/convertible. I think you mentioned before it was also a great entry point into exotics


Definitely not a fan of the R8. Yuk. But I respect this man's gangsta. hahaha 😀

Alex Reitler

The second key is still exactly like in a Passat, my father had one, and most Audis that launched after 2010 have the same key.


Do the huracan next I would love to see the imput on that one


Audi service sucks. Pass on buying another Audi.

Goodbye California

I’m looking at getting a 1st gen Huracan spyder, I’d love to see your advice on it. Thanks

Jes vans

i have never liked those cars, but those 2 look good.


This is awesome.

My dream is the Porsche 911, so it'll be great if you covered that in this series.

Dare Powell

I'd like to know how much one should make before buying one of these?


You’re 5’7”? No wonder you can fit in all these exotics!


love the videos but the audio is out of wack , super loud music and super quiet pj should be the opposite , much love ech fam

Nato Guajardo

R8 was my first exotic car and I loved it

Alfredo Noriega

Got my 1st R8 a few weeks ago following this logic…. 2018 v10+ coupe for $144k with all the service records and clean history… Loving it!


Never liked the convertible but they are nice cars

Armando Piedra

FACT💯all around for 1st exotic 🏎🏎🏎


Nice Richie