Wild camping alone, on a cliff in Corfu and we had a genuine UFO encounter!

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We are Dad (Chris), Mum (Sarah), Isabelle (aged 17), Esmé (aged 13), Isla (aged 10), Jace (aged 3), Mila (aged 10 months) and Prinny our little Poochon Pup. We are a family that is all about home school and travelling the world making memories! Based in the north of England, UK! Travel is our passion and after years of International plane travel we self converted a Mercedes Sprinter van in 2021. Now we now live for our vanlife adventures! Please click subscribe to help support this channel and become part of the IFAM.

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Sherrie L

why didn't you video it?

Deb Wilson

It was probably ufos

Kayla Ramirez


Natasha Thompson

Its good havering good hoilday and have lost of fun tow and cant want to see more to come

Nithin Gowda

Ahh u fuckin asshole we all know u a lady 🤣

Pamela Elrod

Could it have been Starlink. they are strange looking. Love watching you all and seeing the kids 😊🥰

Laura n samara #motherNdaughter

There ticks by the looks of it… ull need to check urselfs

Theresa Lyon

You should buy nets to go over the beds?

Nick Duplaga

Aliens are hostile. They time travel (fast speed is future time travel). They see the future, and affect our present to benefit them. Time is perspective based they can be in the temporary future, and you wouldn’t know. Never trust any alien.


why don't you adopt him, ??

Nicole Parker

They're cicada shells

John Wroath

0.5 seconds. I knew this wasn't what I was searching for.

Yorkshire lass Diaries

That’s interesting because I think of Wednesday as green lol

Teresa Keyes

Will the ferry bring u home to England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Teresa Keyes

Fruit flies are brutal here ti's year. Ireland. Sick of them.


I'm so excited for home vlogs and vlogmas🥰🥰🥰


I'm exactly the same Izzy, I love true crime

Stacy Barr

Those bugs are Cicadas they are actually the shedded skin from the cicadas!

Louise Bourne

Hi guys great vlog love watching your adventures. You all make my day xxx ❤

Patricia Burns

Oh my goodness , my grandkids aren't the only ones to eat super noodle sandwiches 🥪

Joannes Berkshire Scenes

Omg I see days of the week in colour and I thought I was the only one.

Susan Finlayson

Love isla's facial expressions.

m i l s

amazing vlogg

Fiona Chadwick

wow for the first time at 28 mins I saw Esme in Sarah! So clear!! I mean Isabelle is the spitting double but I have never seen Esme in Sarah til tonight! x

Margaret Buckley

Looks very beautiful family

JCcl fruits of the Spirit

I highly recommend "The bug bite thing". It extracts and vacuums out mosquito bite, bee, wasp etc venom. They're available on amazon. Takes away itch and pain within minutes

Emma Millington

Ah I live here in Corfu, Hope you enjoyed your visit ❤

Heather The Heathen

UFO is probably Elon Musk’s space-x.


I see them every now and the UFOs here in FL it's insane love u guys 💜💜💜