WILD Trout Fishing A MASSIVE Canyon In Patagonia Chile!

Join me on another wild trout fishing adventure in Patagonia Chile! Thanks for watching everyone .

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Addicted Fishing

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Wesley Ward

Where can I find those pliers scissors set up on your belt?

Garrett Martinez stone

Commadore mavericks paramount pixars

Nicholas Taylor

Just bought a hat and sweater a couple days ago! Should be here my this afternoon!!

Mr. Koda

Patagonia is so beautiful. Love it.

Mike Johnson

just a
casual climb though some barb wire lmao

Ty Alexander

Addicted Iceland salmon fishing?

Dirt Clod Metal Detecting

Beautiful place…and now I want some empanada!

Cargill Clumberducker

Gorgeous location! Patagonia is one of my favorite places in the world but I've never fished it. Hope to some day.

Also, the intro to this video was hilarious:
[Excited]: "Oh, got it!"
[Tries to set hook, starts reeling, fish gets off immediately]
[Crestfallen]: "He got away…"
[Presenter Voice]: "Hello everybody"

Finally, sweet flat cap, Jordan. I like the little pompom on top, too!


Beautiful scenery, trout, empanadas and beer! Living the dream. Thank you for sharing.

John Wonderly

HelloJordan instead of Miller ltry stella

Up North Far West

for the algo!

Fishy AF

Please take that hat off Jordan😆 awesome slay sesh buddy

💰 Make $750 Per Day

"The starting point of all achievement is desire." _Napoleon Hill

Northwest Tiffany

Those boxes in the background are empty! 😉😂

Blake music carter

I’d like to see a movie where you guys go to New Zealand and fish for those trout.

Greg Peterson

Absolutely amazing fishing and amazing country! This series is awesome!


😁🔥🔥🔥 nothing beats getting home from work to watch this killer videos …big thank you addicted for amazing content

Marcy Troxel

Love all the vids Jordan!! Btw, ignore all the gaucho hat comments. Seriously people?
Regardless of whether or not you like the gaucho hat (I don't think you'd wear it if you didn't like it)
I appreciate the fact that you wear the gaucho hat in honor of their traditions and respect of them hosting you. Wear it proudly my friend!!!!


Looks like the perfect place to use a flyrod

Josh Sack

I posted the poll on the page about which is your go to setup and for sure, you picked worms! Lol

John Kile

They are called empanadas !

Gregory Hansen

What brand reel is that? Maybe you had told and I missed it.


Thumbs up for the giant rainbow!

David Dohman

Living a dream! Happy for you. Love the fishing cap.

Sean Hunt

Love you guys 🤙❤

I gotta teach u Spanish 😅 broo

Boxing star Cmbballer87

All that gear jordan always has with him but never carries a net trout fishing lol 😂


do you use mono or fluorcarbon leader when you fish with a spinner like this or is it braid only?

george bella

Love the vids, HATE that you don’t fly fish more. Don’t be a queer drop the gear

Generic X

SUMMERTIME fishing with Jordan in the WINTER

Morgan Kruse

Love to see a trip like this over to the Kamchatka Peninsula


"Its a giant rainbow. Its a giant rainbow. Its a giant rainbow. One more time, it's a giant rainbow." xD


Little would have loved this trip! Missing the excitement of him barking when you hook a beautiful fish like that! Great video it's beautiful there! 🎣


All of 23 inches.. okay bro lmao


Wow sick hat Jordan


What a beast of a trout! And a stunning canyon, the scenery is fantastic!

Ed P

I'd like to know what rod Jordan was using? Looks like a cool trout rod.

Obozo MustGo

This the first Chilean empanada catch and cook in Addicted history! 🤣


Trout trout trout can we get some salmon please? Love the videos though

Ryan McMorris

EHOL'E!!! I live in Colorado, is there steelhead in Colorado?

Ravash Hoodfar

didn't you buy for Sean too man? 🤨😛😛