Woman Got Insurance Right before Suspicious Fire | Part 1

Lisa says her former landlords stole her insurance money after a suspicious fire broke out on their property.


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Dog lover JB

I hope the insurance company comes after them all…they are all scammers.


Is that Amy Schumer in the audience at 0:24?

The Group Home Goddess

Strange looking 🐦 "don't look confused; its a very easy question 😆😆😆

The Group Home Goddess

Look at the plaintiff's big ace eyes 👀 seems – she's stretching a bit! Her standing…body language says a lot


She loves scams and scammers. Keeps her young.

James Davis

Never trust the church


Why does the plaintiff talks like that?

Mike Addison

Judge Judy ain’t come for the bullshit 😂😂😂

leslie weatherington

That's Amy Schumer in the background!!!

Raine Iyall-Fawcett

Plaintiff is definitely a drug user.

Alberto L

This Church is full of GRIFTERS.. The insurance should get their money back.

Mr. Phil

What’s up with all the crazy women coming on making the winona ryder Oscar faces??

Cher Tut

She should’ve got her teeth fixed

Mase Rhea

You know a case is bs when the whole room can't keep a straight face..


JJ was NOT having it today. Lemme tell you I 👏 am 👏 here 👏 for 👏 it👏

Brea Morgan

Judge Judy be knowin!!!

Felipe Lipert

why is amy schumer there?

Diana Branham

Why does judge Judy laugh at people and think it's redicoulas that people pay with cash. I do everything in cash and know lots of other people that do. I feel like I have nothin with a plastic card


This is so methed up!

Jack Miyhoff

plaintiff has crazy eyes.

jenna bonfardine

Amy Schumer.?


Anyone else notice Amy Schumer sitting in the audience


JJ knew exactly what was going on right from the start but she was here to expose scammers & get her TV time


Judith “Month & Year” Sheindlin needs to stop 😂😂😂

Rebecca Ciornei

Woah…did anyone notice Amy Schumer in the audience (when the defendants are on camera), or is that just me?!?! 😳

Nisi Nisi

a rehabilitated crack head??


I thought she looked kinda like a crackhead. And then she started talking . . . Yep, definitely a crackhead lol


JJ laughing about the cash😂

Julio Gomez

Is no one going to mention Amy Schumer sitting in the audience 🤯

Pay Attention

Amy Schumer in the crowd?