You're Using Your iPhone Wrong

Watch more new videos about Iphone | Synthesized by Mindovermetal English

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Tony Provenzano

Iphone sucks! 😂

David Mitchell

Still trying to learn to add text to pics


None of these changed my game 😢

Carl Sidwell

Thank you I have a mini and I hope this helps

Stefan Maurer

lol I hate people who take a screenshot and sign that

Amazing handwork by Allah.

S21 and s22 ultra are actually better than iPhone 12 pro series and 13 series. No need of arguments cause that's a fact.


The only “game changing” thing that could happen to be now is winning the lottery. And I’m not holding my breath.


Oh wow never heard of this before 😅😅

Snowy Playz

Wait a minute someing aint right
Him imma show u 4 tips 4 ur iphone
Also him shows 3 tips not 4

The One

Turn off your iPhone:
Hold power and volume up

Brion Lund

What’s the name of the product?

LollyZee the Shapeshifter

I need to save this because I'm planning to switch to iOS

Vhu Won

I watch this video from Android


Ok you got me with the signature thing.


You are my favourite youtuber 🙂

Nerd Immunity

I would watch more of your videos and take you more seriously is you weren’t in a permanent state of peck flexing, stop it, it looks ridiculous. Your content is good though.


Stop Arsen about. 😂


Him : Turn off feature you don’t use
Also him : turning off gmail background refresh so you never get your emails 🥲


The last tip is legendary

Martin Newman

Get some speech lessons. 😱 such a terrible way of presenting which turns me off every time, even though I do indeed have an iPhone.


Background app refresh, I've had turned off for years. Nothing new there.

I love these tips, I just wish he could talk just a little bit slower, I have to replay the video a few times to catch all of the steps to take on some of the things he shows us.

Michael Assane

I would love to use an iphone.


….How do you save the signature in the first place? 😮

Jerry Herold

Love your videos only 3 tips but starts off saying 4…. Ahhh secret tip missing jk keep up the great work