Merge multiple Excel files without opening any of them

▷ Khoá học “Học Excel, Có Việc Ngay”:
▷ Khoá học “Hãy để VBA giúp bạn tăng năng suất làm việc”:

▷ Video được cung cấp miễn phí bởi
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Merge multiple Excel files without opening any of them super fast by


Remember to add a reference to ADO:

Download test files and VBA code here:

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Vu Tuan Manh

Thank you. It's helpful


yOU ARE A ***** KING!!!

Laith Freihat

exel file adoob empty


Thank u so much dude

Paulo Quiton

Can t open in ios. How?

Swapnil Bajanghate

Could you pls send me code for this

Rahul Kumar

hi cant open in office 2010 run time error occur how to set path

Laurice Lopinto

Hi there, I can't seem to open that link to copy the VBA, is it possible to get a copy if it? This is what I've been searching for. Thanks in advance. Great video by the way.

Lucas Gibson

Can you put the VBA code back on Dropbox, please?

Yannick Lahaie

When following your link to download text file & vba code I get this error-
Error (404)
We can't find the page you're looking for.

Hải Đăng Lê

Anh cho em hỏi với ạ, Khi em copy đoạn code của anh sang một file khác và sau đó chạy code đó thì gặp phải lỗi. Em muốn hỏi , để copy đoạn code mà anh tạo sang file khác thì cần chú ý điều gì ạ

Mahfuzur Rahman

Cannot open office 7 version, message show : compile error, cannot file project or library, please solve this problem

Thank you

My Youtube

Thanks you! Thanks you so much!!!