I Shaved My Beard Because of J. Bennett

BandshootIdesofGemeni1858web vy steven duncan WITH CREDIT J. Bennett is a self-proclaimed Masshole — the first of many things I learned about the scribe-turned-musician during our interview. He spotted the ‘617’ phone number from my landline, so we also briefly discussed his growing up in Mansfield and seeing Willie Nelson at Great Woods as his first live show. But there was a laundry list of topics to get to — women in Metal, writing professionally, important life transitions — not to mention the typical tangents that break into the conversation.

The whole section on beards feels admittedly bittersweet, as I am recently freshly shorn for the first time in five years, and the seed was inadvertently planted by you, J. Bennett. Expect a followup email with both links to this article and requests for advice. I feel… I dunno… “heartbroken” is the closest emotion; that same pit of emptiness — a black sucking void — which must be either forgotten or filled (…with follicles, perhaps?).

Ides of Gemini have come, beware.

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Review : BLACK MATH HORSEMAN – "Wyltt"

Black Math Horseman - Wyltt

Black Math Horseman – “Wyltt”
released June 2, 2009 on Tee Pee

Talk about a dark horse…this album completely blindsided me! L.A.-based, female-fronted, and produced by Scott Reeder (Kyuss), the quartet’s debut album is a grand exercise in dense beauty. From the alluring opening to the fierce finish, they always achieve balance in their compositions. Sera Timms’ ethereal vocals are rarely abandoned, though she receives backup help in “Origin of Savagery” and gets her scream on à la Laura Pleasants (Kylesa) in “Bird of All Faiths and None”. Intriguing, tale-telling lyrics fit the overall contemplative mood very well. Although “A Barren Cause” feels a bit like retreading, and their name is not particularly memorable, these are forgivable offenses. Just listen to the glorious crescendo in “Torment of the Metal”, or the two-part, 11-minute album closer (“Bell From Nadrone” starts about five minutes in) and you’ll be nodding in agreement.

Try *1*, 2, 5, 6

01. Tyrant  
02. Deerslayer 
03. A Barren Cause 
04. Origin Of Savagery 
05. Torment Of The Metal
06. Bird Of All Faiths And None/Bell From Madrone

[xrr rating=4/5]

~Matt Longo