2023 Lotus Emira Review // We’ve Ordered One

The 2023 Lotus Emira First Edition ($94,430 USD as spec’d, $120,688 CAD) is a brand new sports car with two engine choices. A torquey AMG 4 cylinder mated to a 6 speed auto, or a supercharged 3.5L V6 with a manual option. Both options come with strong horsepower numbers at 359 hp and 400 hp respectively, but the smaller 4 cylinder actually has a bit more torque. James has secretly used the company credit card to put a deposit down on a new Emira, and Thomas is learning that they will either have to take delivery, or forfeit their deposit altogether. Will the new Lotus Emira be everything they hope it will be? We hope you enjoy the episode. SUBSCRIBE!


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Editor: Karston Chong
Sound: Harrison Dickson and Karston Chong
Magical Genius Logistics Planners: James Engelsman and Gregory DeCaire
Music from Epidemicsound.com and Artlist.io

#Lotus #V6 #Supercharged

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Awesome car, especially if it's reliable over time


The body reminds me of a Ferrari 458 or 488

wayne h


Michael Volkan Weißbrodt

I think that this review was worse than your other reviews.
That doesn't mean, that it was absolutely bad, but you had a lot of bias going for this car.
I am disappointed.

Remy P

Did you say a Camry? Like Toyota Camry ?

Jon McCargar

Lots of Subaru interior parts.

Brian Gray

Man those Audi flower wheels look great on the lotus 😅

Manco Bee

7:7 it gave off some somke there… inside the cabin, thats Lotus for you but hey congrats on the new car.

corbin young

These guys are so funny i love their videos

Ron Burgundy

I really like these hope they make them for a long time

Justin Steffen

To be fair about end of my above Comment. The Corvette was well north of 100k after options. Which is not 95 so not quite apples to apples money wise. Wouldent be a bad car to be stuck with. I know he's tempted to be one of the D.B's to sell over MSRP and profit. I told him at days end if someone is willing to pay whatever you charge then you are providing a goods and a service. Capitalism at it finest. Just sucks with Concert/sports tickets as mostly bots doing that. He had to wait in line in the cold freezing cold for "Not as long as I thought" according to him for Corvette order!!!


great car indeed, but 30k USD more than a c8 good? hmm

Chasing Different Adventures

James Spec. is the Perfect choice. The Super Charged V6 is the one i would choose too . If they had the White exterior i would get it too, the Blue would be the only alternate. Great footage and Congratulations on the purchase 💁🏻‍♂️👍🏻🏎️🏁🚩


"That's tacky….give me a glowing start/stop button"…..out the frying pan and into the fire there, lads.


ecu tune and supercharger pulley 500 hp

Jeremy F

Great review and amazing car. This almost makes me forgive you for that rubbish FL5 video 😜

Ifeanyi Ibekie

Now i want one 😭

Hector Garcia

Ours . Lmfoo
For some reason I was waiting for it .😂😂😂😂Lol 😅funny

Alan Nguyen

Can't believe this is Lotus' last petrol car. Engine, supercharger, exhaust sounds soulful.

Carl L

OMG road-trip series!!!! YES!!! Top Gear style! You need a third host. Buy reasonably affordable cars and go cross country on the TransCanada high way from Toronto to Vancouver. Btw I just put a deposit on a 2023 MX5 GS-P Sport package (Club in the US). I just sold my same spec 2017. Best car for smiles/miles.


Modern Lotus are Lots Of Trouble Usually STUPID. I would rather deal with Lotus problems than huge repair bills on Porsche.


Those wheels are ugly AF. Fun car though I bet.


I ordered one from Lotus of Oakville and still waiting to build mine. Patience is a virtue….

Mark Finnegan

The driving portion seriously makes me miss my super-charged elise… ah well. Great video!

Kyle R

Not a single mention of Geely? Theyre the only reason this thing exists.

J.P Saym0

What a beautifully shot episode. Of all the Emira review episodes by all creators, this by far has the most elegant and artistic production values, its not even close

The Sabbath

The green, I mean Verdant one was perfection!

Justin Steffen

James you seem like a fairly intelligent man. If it were me. I would follow through with the purchase (maybe change color if able, but not super important). Then sell soon after buying, say one or two payments. For hopefully MSRP or even greater. That beats loosing 10 grand either way. As I finished typing that sentence it occured to me, that I live in a sales tax free state. So really I am not sure if that would make it a sensible purchase then once factored in. I know someone who has ordered the new Awd gas/electic Corvette (2024) I believe. He had to put down (Only!!!) $4,000 U.S. per GM at dealship in Nashua NH which I heard is now the world's largest. He plans on keeping it but knows he could sell for far above MSRP. I think I might take that play out of the book if I were you!!! I make fairly questionable decisions according to my friends to fair though!!! Thanks for great content as always. Hope it all works out for you. You have the best job EVER either, way right!!!

JT Suarez

The looks are great, but I agree, the car should be way closer to the ground, it looks like a monster truck with that height


That green is stunning.