NEW Ferrari Purosangue Review: V12 SUV Game Changer | 4K

Rory reviews the new Ferrari SUV – known as the Purosangue – and sets about discovering whether this V12-powered four-door, four-seater is a true thoroughbred, or a cynical attempt by Ferrari to cash in.

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Filmed by George Peck & Greg Dowswell
Edited by George Peck

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Would you buy this or a Urus?

Azhagan Vivekanandhan

Didn't that gtc4 lusso also have 4 doors?

mena seven

Beautiful and fast Ferrari Pure Sang SUV. I like the front and back design of the Ferrari.

Tom Landry


insouciant rambler

While I would still prefer the idea of automakers doing super wagons, I do find myself liking this thing. Which is odd, because I really don't find the competition from Aston, Lamborghini, etc , even remotely appealing 🤷‍♂️

hemal shah



the "BAD-MAN" WHIP 😎😎😎

Dan Druft

Its all getting very boring to us poor people

Naia Kela

I'll buy the Ferrari and the 707 in dream my garage


Excellent video! Very well done!


I have been a fan of this FUV since they announced it. I've said they won't be making another Urus, and it would be like an 812 GTS in an SUV dress. Glad I was right.

Oliver Tahir

As an Italian guy I was waiting for this review as a kid wait for the Christmas, as you Rory teach us in the previous videos you explanation is stunning and smooth, the storytelling about this masterpiece is absolutely perfect, you let us dream even if we cannot, for now I wish, to buy it. ❤


Love the design ❤, of course it’s Ferrari!!!

Eric C

It looks like a mazda. Yes, it looks like they hit all the performance numbers, but I personify don’t like the looks of the exterior at all.

Gabriele Pi.

Let’s repeat….ROLLS ROYCE WHO !?

Vee Uy

So it's an overpriced oversized updated upgraded GTC 4 Lusso? I want one 😁

Louis Omare

Thank you Ferrari for creating this beautiful work of engineering art.
The eyes don’t deceive and neither do the ears.
There’s nothing more beautiful to the ears than a performance V8 or V12 engine and this V12 reminds us that electric cars are a long way from evoking the emotions of a naturally aspirated V12 internal combustion engine.
Thank you Ferrari for reminding us that exciting cars look, sound and drive the part! Long live the internal combustion engine!😃

Tom Curran

Definitely not as good as Harry's review plus the background music is extremely annoying.

Miguel Ramalhão

It isnt rosso corsa, its rosso fiorano or any other metallic red …


I don't like how the DRL's are above the headlights it confuses me when I look at the front.


I'm 6 minutes into a review about a Ferrari and there's been no mention of handling.

This isn't a Ferrari, but well done to Rory to find something good here. This would be an awesome Alfa Romeo or Maserati just… Not a Ferrari.


Prettier than an SF90 is quite a low bar.


This car is just nuts! It's like it makes no compromises – only limits with this one is the tank going empty and your wallet. Also from now on if anyone says "a beautiful Italian" I'll be having this car in front of my eyes.

The Italian aside for a moment: the editing and presentation, the whole video quality is just on pair with this car. Amazing work!


The term 'SUV' is anathema at Ferrari! '4dr Sports Car' is apropos…

Just Random Things

3:15 Ummm…wrong. The Tesla Model X Plaid does it in 2.5 seconds.

Stan Lee

'Sustainably Sourced ALCANTARA'?
Is that like 'Sustainably Sourced POLYESTER'?!?
Isn't 'Alcantara' a SYNTHETIC material? I don't think consumers need to worry that Ferrari is killing to many 'Alcantars' for the fabric…
And I'd hope that they've always been growing NEW COWS to replace the ones they murder for luxury seat linings and various internal trim pieces!

Stephen Lovatt

Ok, it’s a good SUV, but honestly, Ferrari are a sports car maker! Always have been! It’s what they are all about! It’s in their DNA! Well, that’s my view anyway, shouldn’t really be making this

Robbie Schertz

This Is one incredibly video

Dušan Krivokuća

Rory is "Kunta Kinte" automotive journalism

Danny 200MPH

Take the family to the cottage, then go to the race track

Marshall Kaczmark

Rory and Squidd are the best car storytellers of all time on youtube!


So let me get this straight… Ferrari made the ultimate NA hatch back, V12 with a DCT, four usable seats, and an actual hatch. Amazing. Too bad no one will buy this because we're headed towards green!


I will own this car one day. All black. My batmobile.


You need to give credit to your videographers, etc.
Like seriously, add it in the description.
These guys are something else

The CaymaN

What a views you choose! Oh My God! It is a masterpiece!


Game changer? Who for?


"Fastest Cayenne is based on slowest Cayenne" – wtf xD? This whole review feels like "well, it's Ferrari, it's great". Sorry mate – times have changed, just because you are exited that you could review Ferrari, doesn't mean this car gets any advantages.

Arnav Tripathy

Model X Plain vs this drag race????

But What About Dragons?

I don't even like Ferrari usually, but this is absolutely the exception. Just something about the shape of it.


Did I hear that right 300K?? 😮😮😮 let me go drive my Audi SQ while I think of forking 300K nice car though!

Dominic Livingston

This review and the quality of production / editing – phenomenal!

Ocean Lives

The only thing Ferrari had going for them was Pininfarina designs. This is hideous what a hideous line of Ferraris.

Dominique Charriere

I really like Lambo and I'm ok for them to do a SUV. But Ferrari? Come on, Ferrari is just from another world! Lamborghini exists only because a tractor maker was not happy with his Ferrari! Ferrari has no need to fall into the pathetic SUV world! Please, Ferrari!