24-Hour Alabama Fishing & Hunting Challenge (BIG BASS & TROPHY BUCKS)

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Chuck Enwind Fishing

Do a “spring slam”. Shoot a turkey, catch some crappie, find deer sheds and morel mushrooms.

Mike Johnson

You guys need to pracice your shooting and blood trailing before next season


LOJO you’ve got to do some turkey hunting videos on the new property. I don’t know about all of your other fans, but I know that I would love to see it.

nick castro

This video was rad. Love the vids keep ‘‘em coming. Want the googan bait caster so bad!!! When is it ready for the public?

Steven Magaña

Hey LoJo someone using your pic is trying to get me to pay shipping fees for a kayak, claiming he is you. Can you very if it you or not

Catch Minnesota

I wish the Alabama rig was legal to use here in Minnesota.


Two deer shot and no deer found. You definitely have a bigfoot problem

Evan Waddell

You should do a 1v1v1 fishing challenge were each person spins a wheel of different times and they have to catch a bass before the timer and if they don’t they’ll will loose that round and best of three if everyone or two of the people catch it in the time then sudden death till a fish is caught.

Fresh water fishing



Nah, y'all gotta do better at tracking. Pay for a hound, use a tracking system, become davy crockett idk but something my guy.

cade is the goat

I have a good vid idea Lojo norm yakpak Ao. A 1 color challenge

Michael Middleton

Another great video Lojo. Can't wait to see squirrel hunting videos.

Chad Hensley

Dam that’s so disappointing

JT Outdoors

I know that boat ramp all to well. Great video man.

Mike Lloyd

That deer was hit front shoulder he be fine he still living you see him again


If you like this type of content then you should TOTALLY head over to Fat Boyz Fishing's channel and check them out!



Makes millions of dollars a year. Has had a broken taillight for a year

🎣 Clown fishing 🎣

Great video lojo Andrew sorry about your buck my brother

Haley Shepard

That second fish looked like a pure white bass more than a hybrid. Definitely not the right body shape for a pure striper.

Mike Murphy

You guys hunt some tuff terrain you really should invest in a trained deer tracking dog. We use them here in Michigan and the dogs have a phenominal record for retrieving wounded deer,

i’m just someone

I think a reunion video with Badge, Andrew and Lojo in front of the camera with some good ol’ boy shenanigans would be killer ! Let Ayo’s camera man film

i’m just someone

Andrew is killin it! Produces every time.

Michael Andrzejewski

Well stuff happens. Sometimes you just Don t find them

Michael Andrzejewski

Great video your right . never seen a video with fishing and hunting in the same video. That was great. Now people want to see. Fishing .hunting .canoing . skiing . camping.cooking.eating.jumping off a cliff. Sticking your tounge out. Blowing your nose. Ok too much. Do what you want to do.

Michael Andrzejewski

It doesn't mater weather you made those baskets . what matters is you tried to make the shot.

Senor Bloo



That hurts my heart watching a loss like that. What an absolute bummer.

Pickle Diddy

amazing to watch the real human, calm then all over the shop.


I just watched your video till the end, it was awesome, GOD BLESS Andrew, LOJO is right we’ve all been through it, but you can’t stop progress, you need to move on till the next hunt.


That’s funny, “to add insult to injury” that is typical whitetail deer hunting, lol, it will teach you about yourself, the more you learn the better hunter you will become!!!


You guys need to upgrade equipment or something because yall losing way too many deer that have been shot and wounded..It is part of hunting but it shouldnt be happening as many times as it has in just this one season for you guys,,It even happnened with the hogs..You either need to practice more before you continue to hunt, get stronger bows and sharper or different broadheads or be more selective with your shots and make sure you have a clear path to the vitals..I do agree it happens but it shouldnt be happening this much to you guys..better luck next year

Benjamin Meeks

I love your videos but you have a habit of over promising, and underproducing what you promised.

Chris lnFlorida

I can't stand your channel anymore, I'm out if here!

Bigg MidWest

Blue Betty. It's settled and he said that with certainty 💯

Alan Trask

Great combo video

Alan Trask

Sucks 2 big olbucks getting away. On positive side the coyotes and buzzards will eat good

Jay Messer

A deer can live with a arrow in it