Fishing with one of the baddest men on the planet, Gordon Ryan

Today, David Lucas is fishing with grappling legend Gordon Ryan.

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David Lucas was born in Macon, GA. He started acting an early age, performing in numerous stage plays at the Macon Little Theatre. He relocated to Hollywood where he was a contestant on, “MTV Yo Momma”. He has since written for several television shows and continues to perform stand up all over the country (for such comedians as Louis CK, Erik Griffin, Joe Rogan, Brendan Schaub, Tony Hinchcliffe, Bert Kreisher, DL Hughley and many more) He is a regular on Kill Tony. Catch him on tour currently with Brendan Schaub and Joe Rogan!

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Your camera man is horrid. The angles are the worst. It makes it unwatchable


Young boss David Lucas

MrJaxn be Fishing

Yo this is dope!! I’m a comedian in Syracuse, NY. I had the same idea because NOBODY was doing it. I’m calling mine “Standup fishing” The only problem is, I don’t have a shore spot to fish from. I’m a black man on a kayak🤣💪🏾💯

Colin Jones

Never would’ve thought to see Gordon on here 😂

Adrian Redoble

I didn’t know I wanted this but I fuggin love it. David and Aaron the duo I didn’t know I wanted! Great episode

One pissed off hippie

One day I'm going to teach you how to catch the big ones, David.

Cherokee niiji

Get a ufc fighter on there. Try Mighty Mouse or Jamal hill

Val Halla

@2:30 press the button AS you cast.
Dude..Way to F him up from the start. WTF 😂

Grant Ellis

The two most dangerous men alive.


David Lucas out here looking like if Aunt Jemima was eating the flap jacks.


The most dangerous jiu-jitsu practitioner, verses the world's most dangerous buffet eater. Both men will take any limb they get ahold of if you tangle with them.

Aaron Rendon

Great guest. Gordon's a pretty interesting dude.


Thats sick! I wouldnt have expected this collab but still really cool

Zack farmer




Jack Sudduth

As far as content, I mostly watch stand up, and Jiujitsu videos. This is my two worlds colliding

Ally H

I neeeed Danny Brown on this show


Well at least I know I’m a better fisherman than Gordon. That makes me happy


Legend has is he was once 5 or 6 years old

tomek SOZAN

Gordon Rayan vs Master of verbal BJJ

Morgan Johnson

Gordon is spilling his guts…on his guts, and David laughs at his bait being taken🤷🏽

Dax Terrack

Hell yea

Boognish 1

I love this idea. Awesome!

Arthur Chavis

Hey David, this may be the worst suggestion ever but it may be genius too, probably innocuous but if you can get Gordon Ryan in touch with avocado the cameraman for all battlerap pretty much I don't know I'd want to introduce those two

Saul Madrigal

This series is dope! A couple of sound and video upgrades will take it to the next level plus it would be cool to see lure fishing


Hell yeah

Toby Martinez

Great interview, wish Gordon wasn't holding his rod upside down couldn't stop focusing on it 😅


Love this podcast


One thing that I picked up on these videos, which I absolutely, thoroughly love to watch, is that David says that you have to click the button on the reel “as you cast” … the reality is that you can click that button way before you even cast so long as you leave the button pressed

ashuhn cummings

That’s good spend some time with your daddy indeed have him teach how to make potato salad to


Just an observation because this episode is kind of a showcase of how good the idea of this show is, bur I think I'd go a lot smother if you just chill and talk w the guest and don't coach them while fishing. Its not that serious to me 😂

Chief Beaver Nutts

I think that David is very kind seemingly, and passionate about fishing, and not to mention hilarious, but David Lukas: please show your guests how to cast properly. To this day Michael Leahr would be better than William lol, not a dig at all, but I do miss michael. I love your fishing show, and considering doing a once in a lifetime trip to Austin to sign up. Anyhow I’ve followed you from the get at kill tony, and I’d love to get into joke writing for comedians, but I don’t know how to do that. I could send you several jokes I’ve written, but I’ve got a great job and really hard to leave a great well paying job for 10yrs to get good. Id rather see my jokes on stage somewhere. I don’t expect you to reply to me David, but if you do, and you want to see my jokes; I’d share them in a second. If you’re interested I’ll just send em to you, don’t have to worry about Mencia stealing these jokes lol, they’re probably not even worth your time, but I would like to find out. Take care, and safe travels David, I love what you guys are doing down there

mr pink

"one of thebaddest men on the planet"? shut yo white washed ass up

Dustin Kennedy



Cool episode bro. Come down to Venice Fl and I will show you my my fishing spot


love the ep. Nice bluegill!

Jamar McGriff

Wtfffff the duo I never knew I needed. Hell yeah David Lucas hell of a guest 🔥


The potential this show has, if the budget wasn't a problem they could be on a sail boat fishing having a conversation with the sound of waves crashing in the background and also in a calm as environment.

Robi Rhodes

David is giving the worst fishing instruction I’ve ever seen push and hold the button release at your shoulder

Phill Buck

Never imagined this collab love Lucas and King Ryan

Nate Smith

Was surprised, yet happy to see this one. Gordon Ryan is an amazing athlete and a good spokesperson for the sport. Mentally, emotionally, physically, he's a student of the game, in and out of a match.