BECOME A BETTER ANGLER IN WINTER! | Jamie Harrison's Feeder Secrets

Jamie Harrison shows off a few tips than can help you to become a better angler in the winter, whether your goal is to win more matches or just catch a couple more fish to enjoy your day!

0:00 Intro
0:48 Tip 1 – Groundbait Choice
5:48 Tip 2 – Keep Quiet
6:47 Tip 3 – Give it a rest!
10:22 Tip 4 – Tip Selection
12:36 Tip 5 – Keep Them Alive!

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ray charm

great vid jamie ,all useful tips to take to the bank ,definitely be asking my local tackle shop for some pinkies

robert smith

hi jamie is this video of u at hallcroft coming out thanks

Paul Huddlestone

I have caught carp in the past, with a bunch of 4 pinkies. Always worth a chuck or two, seems to pick out those bonus fish.

K Insley

Good tips Jamie & to the point 4 a change instead of to much waffle u which u are certainly guilty of in past videos!

Chris Jackson

Nice video. Something for everyone. Thank you! 👍🐳👏

Paul Aris

Great stuff Jamie Hope to see you and pops at southfield later in year.its been on my bucket list for a while. Wish you every success this Yr.

Maro Kow

Jamie, what worm scissors do you use?

Garry Reeve

Nice one Jamie. A small red worm on the hook with a dead red maggot. That will get an extra bite or two.

peter thornton

Good tips. I agree with the dark ground bait bit, however a few of the lakes we fish still have a lot of colour in so have found that a lighter ground bait such as thatchers or ground expander still works better. Also punched 6 or 8 mll bread working better than Corn at present on the Bomb. Keep them coming Jamie. Cheers

Fisherman Phee

Do u put live maggot on the method feeder?

jean-pierre van der straate

to cold for me enjoyed again thx m8.brrrrrr🥶🥶🥶🥶

Trevor Chapman

Awesome stuff Jamie, keep the content coming! It really is a great source of reassurance watching these videos, just to know that you are doing the same thing as the pros. 😊

Chris Harris

One or two dead reds and a live flouro pinkie one of my go to bream baits , good info Jamie

Chris Parker

Nice 1 Jamie
Pinkies been working well for me 👍

Graham Williams

Thank you Jamie sometimes a 2mm expander dyed works as well I will try pinkies when I'm out next weekend 👌

Roland Jones

Another good one Jamie might try pinkie’s this Sunday’s match 👍

Chris Foster

Thanks Jamie, I like trying 6mm punch bread ,works well in winter too .

Rick Hegeman

lovely video again Jaimy

Fish with Ciaran

Is he from catch fishing channel?

Jon Kennard

Thanks Jamie enjoyed that. Loads of great tips in there. I Found the groundbait info helpful. Its interesting how it's often spoken about using dark groundbait in the winter and fish bring more confident. I do it but went is bread so successful being white? I've also had loads of success fishing white pellets? Anyway just gets me thinking cheers Jon 🤔

Yosip Ko

Every day is good if you go fishing, even for few hours.

Chris Parker

Uwwe let's go



carl masters

A nice cold day . But a good days fishin . Cheers