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Camping at Cape Henlopen State Park in our Outdoors RV travel trailer was a bucket list item for us. The park is one of Delaware’s hidden gems. Watch as we explore what it’s like to camp at Cape Henlopen. It offers some cool military history, beaches, hiking, riding trails and a very unique geographic environment.

If you’re ever passing through Delaware, make it a point to explore Cape Henlopen State Park!

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00:00 Intro
00:29 Our Beardie decides to brumate
03:01 Cape Henlopen campground details
05:15 Kind neighbors
06:12 Artillery storage battery
06:45 Tower 7 (World War 2 observation tower)
07:27 How many steps to the top of tower 7?
08:17 Fort Miles
08:55 Cape Henlopen bath house
09:41 The point at Cape Henlopen
10:23 Nature Center at Cape Henlopen
12:17 Hawk Watch Observation Deck at Cape Henlopen
12:35 The fishing pier at Cape Henlopen State Park

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