Catching SEA MONSTER In Fish Filled Water For My SALTWATER POND! (golden triple tail & barracuda)

The Fish Guy Shop🗑🌊🌎 ! For every order sold we will be removing trash from the ocean to support ocean conservancy. We are going to make a positive impact to our underwater world together!

Catching SEA MONSTER In Fish Filled Water For My SALTWATER POND! (golden triple tail & barracuda)

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What’s up Fish Guys and Gals! Welcome to the Barbs Buzzin (The Fish Guys) Youtube Channel! This channel is all about entertaining you all through sharing our hobby of fishing, fish keeping, and love for South Florida with you all. Along with that, we have a passion for giving back to the ocean and the beautiful marine animals that inhabit it. Which is why we started The Fish Guy Shop… Our mission is to create a community of people who will help spread the word of ocean conservancy and inspire change along side us. For every order sold at The Fish Guy Shop we will personally be removing trash from the ocean to help make a positive impact to our underwater world. Along with that, all of our packaging is 100% eco-friendly and sustainable. We hope you all enjoy our videos and know that we could not do any of this without your support!

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Barbs Buzzin (The Fish Guys)

Well, we did NOT expect that ending… 🤯
Get yourself a Fish Guy Hat before they're gone! Every order removes trash from the ocean🌊♻️

Landon Ferneau

Bury the barracuda

watson muaau

Revenge time


Name him Strawberry

Malo’s Garage

Larry the Cuda

Lady Hook Fishing

Excellent Fishing videos 👍

FakeTee Cake

Long jones bara

Dã Ngoại Cùng Hòa

It's fun ! Thú vị!

Stephen king

Keep him

Max Wilderness Adventures

Keep him!!!

Rocsi Price

I think the barracuda should be named sharptooth but rip lol

Adam Newsome


Father Crim

I was about to say name the cuda: "Hemi". But that didn't last long

Cal Deen


Paranormal Five

No I wanted him to be named strawberry no how dare you

Paranormal Five

Name the Barracuda strawberry because Barry Barracuda kind of sounds the same and I am your biggest fan just to say

Garry Hancock

Pans never got that first mullet, you can see it slinking away in the background.

Kelly Carrell

Bro that angle hit diffrent 10:08 (this is a joke)

Crazy day

1day you get a pool put fish in and swim with them

Jason Roseman

Torpedo has to be the name.

Monica Friesen

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ops ! I couldn’t stop laughing ! Sorry ! 🍁

Feline Fine

FISH GUYS!! 🤙🤙 DAMMMM Pan's my man the white shadow himself the Goliath ghost what a absolute BEAST he just DEMOLISHED that cuda only the most wild and savage fish for the big pond

carrie lee

Yes please


Ain’t gonna get anything more savage than that…….😂😂😂 I’ve watched this several times just the look on that poor bastards face as pans swims away with him


Name the baricuda Barry the cuda or bary

Jaden Card



Fish guy tattoo 😊

Haylie Jhene


will dicristina

After pans smoked that barracuda it bit down on the bottom on the pool! Keep an eye out for any leaks. Another awesome video guys!! 🔥

Cole Beamish

Pots just coming in like one punch man

Alex Wolf

Torpedo should be his name awsome video

Gamer Clownz

Cuda has no color and will eat cool fish. Get rid of it.

Five Ks


Fish killer


Cole Adams

Hurricane update


Bart the barracuda

Von Dee Walker, Jr.

So y'all just let Pan eat the Barracuda!!!
Didn't try to save it

Kelton car guy jdm 2.0

The barracuda should be named Dino

Sullivan Harper

pans said nah this pond an´t big enough for the both of us

noah cotton

Name Noah

- jimy J -

I think you should name the barracuda Fang.