Chronic Law – Glory Days (Official Music Video)

Chronic Law presents the official video for “Glory Days”

▶McDonz Records:

Video Editor
▶Dream X:

Distributed by: MarvMent

#ChronicLaw #GloryDays #AwakeRiddim

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Dinnall Reneece

Best Eva do it 🗣️ 6️⃣


Cah get along bro I'm sure it's not me I'm not perfect but I'm real fa real 💯 😌 👌 💪SMH weird ppl dawg kmt

Cello Marshall

Big tune 1 law

Ranaldo Bruce

Baddest medz artist

Denham Luke

Never disappoints mi g

Otis Green


Akiel  Campbell


wild life CAMPBELL

“Big up McDon bad producers” bad song chronic law 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Karrington Sullivan


Dennis Brown

Good job mcdonz

Akeem Brown


Akeem Brown


Will Mac

1law 🔥 🔥🔥 @mcdonzrecord bad riddim

Shaquille Galloway

1 million plus just add the law boss in charge of the 2023 dance hall who agree one law

Rehman mullings

Big up McDonz and chronic law deh 1 yah is a hit.🔥🔥🔥🔥

Devonte Wright

Emotional stress pain listening to #chronic law 💥💥💥💥

positive production

This song is my anthem for 2023😥

Shannoi Sterling


Code Ent

Song ya deep yf 🔯💥😕

Jordaine Campbell

They dont love, they hate us with smiles,, lawboss u tuff youth, gwaan sing fi u fans dem fam ✊✊

Nuff respect fam @chroniclaw1lawofficial


This song need to be 1 trending of real reality song


Full function me idol🙏⭐

Theo christopher

Everyday mia realize seh mi nd humans can't get along 💤

KANN3☣️   1994⚽


Black LION

Yes Rasta

Tafari one boss

Up top mi artists way up tuff song more life and blessings

Badfada Official

Real ting 👌💯

positive production

Man have this on repeat

Alex Godson



Keep up 1law ❤️‍🩹💯🙏

Rolando Barrett

If luv blind then it nah no vision 🤔!!

Kxng Pecce

Baddest Artiste Fi The Last 4 Years … No Joke #1SpainTown #Gaza #1Law #6ixx 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

goddess Akosua


1syde Gennasyde 🐊


1syde Gennasyde 🐊


Bløodš Łife

Everything your singing in this song I b experiencing in my life rii nw,
U inspire me no doubt 👿

Denton kish Stewart

1 law till eternity boy dem wah G crash pussy demm🤬☝🏿Darknesss🌑💯💯💯