Don't Starve Together Guide: Fishing

*Sniff* *Sniff*

Somethings fishy around these parts…

Thanks for watching everyone!

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The Beard 777

Nothing big. Nothing special. Just a lovely little fish.

Take care everyone, well wishes to all and enjoy your weekends! Much love!

tc2 player

Frogs should spawn in the swamps


tfw you have a friend who mains webber and u are a wendy main and you have 360 silk in chester and have a giant twiggy tree farm


I Play In Pocket Edition, I Just Found Out There's Only 2 Pond Kind And I Only Can Fish On Both Of Them. I Can't Fish In The Sea.

Fabíola Bridi

mannn youre the COOLESTTTTTTTT thanks for helping so much


There's so much in this game that actually freaks me out xD


Tomorow this video is 1 year old.


I used to catch fish to make rot but now the fish don't do that.

Constanza Pizarro Toro

Yes !
Thanks for the vids, with a couple of friends discovered this game and we have play ALOT 🤣
Thanks for keeping the uploads, they are very useful, big hug from Chile


Add in the surf n turf recipe, a top tier food for health and sanity. Just 3 fish and 1 monster meat. It works in DST now.

Austin Sorensen

You mean e-fish-ecy


New update changed everything

Burkay Kızılbuğa

How about spoiled fish??? 🙁


I want a pig character similar to wurt. Hamlet would have been the perfect time to introduce him. Maybe give him the ability to built a hamlet village in dont starve together.


You're the best, thanks !

Wujek Bartek

and now this wideo is worthless


Hey man, could you remake the video with the upgrade of Don't starve together with the sea fishing rod pleasseeee. (I'm french sorry for my language)


That Wendy skin looks like Samara Morgan …

Edward Dizon

I have already a total of 200+ hours on both Ds and Dst and i have never ever bothered to use the fishing rod simply because it seemed boring. Well now im gonna do it because i need more healing food besides trail mix and butterflies.



Mike Hu

anyone here after TOTT?

Mich Rain

Me and my friend went fishing for the goggles' blueprints. He got the mighty sand goggles bp within the first 2 mins, I had to sit there for like 7 D:

Major Tinky Winky

Fish sticks are kind of a delicacy to me because it’s the best healing item to me and it’s easy to make

76out9 7

Regin of Giants suck only webber is good


Bonus fact: If you are don’t like fishing, (I don’t know why you would) and you are more of a hunter, you can go into the swamp and find things that look like pig houses, except they seem a bit damaged. Why would pigmen be in the swamp? They actually don’t. What are in THOSE houses are Merms. Yes. Merms. Merms are super fast. Heck, they outrun you on a road! They are hostile, and attack you if you get too close. Unlike pigmen. (Too close! That my space! You back off!) but when it hits dawn or if you smack one of them in the bum, the rest of the family gets out of the house and straight up sanic too you/ what ever hit them. (Tentacles, mosquitoes, etc.) but either way, killing them gives you one frog leg and a fish, respectfully.

Cryptic reviewer

Yo my guy really like the content but would you consider stopping referring to yourself in the third person thx

Bread Duck

Where do u need to go to go to the pond?