Fishing At One Of WA's Most Popular Caravan Destinations ⚓️

Fishing At One Of WA’s Most Popular Caravan Destinations ⚓️

In this episode, Eden, and I, venture down to one of our local natural boat ramps, nearby to Karratha, Western Australia, to spend our New Years Eve!

40-Mile Beach, or Gnoorea Point, is a destination popular with caravans and campers throughout the cooler winter months in the Pilbara, but equally, it fishes well year ’round!

Launching the 420 Dory at the crack of dawn, we head out on an outgoing tide to try our luck on a mooring that we’d crossed paths with a week prior, but we did not having any fishing rods on board at that time to really see what it was about.

Since beginning my spearfishing journey at the start of 2022, this was only my second time in the year with a fishing rod in my hand, and aiming to NOT jump into the water.

I’d been promising Eden that we’d have a dedicated fishing day since the day we met, so this day was to be just that. Much to her credit, she is a better fisherman than I!

We find many great fish throughout the morning, targeting mostly pelagic fish such as Giant Trevally, Spanish Mackerel, and Cobia. Much to our delight, a few nice demersal species such as Rankin Cod, Red Emperor, and Black Spot Cod find their way onto the deck too!

The story tells itself throughout the course of the video, so we hope you enjoy, and I look forward to sharing more adventures throughout 2023.

Thanks for watching, and happy new year!

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Graham Waddell

Another great video Rohan and Eden – great find with that moorning – fish for ages. Take care – looking forward to the next video

Webbys Weekend Adventures

Awesome 👌. Those trevs are so fun to catch hey. I definitely think that would be worth a dive. Happy new year mate

Geoffrey Hoddy

Hey Rohan , I enjoy your videos great session with Eden , I think you have found your place in this world . Happy New Year to you both 🎉 looking forward to more videos this year. Keep safe out there cheers Geoff 🐟🐟🐟🦑🎣

Brent McDonald

excellent! you guys are making sick videos ! well done !🌊🌅🐟🏞️📹🤙😎🛻

Yoda JediMaster

Great to see you posting again mate. One day I would love to go out fishing with you.

Brad Gardiner

Rohan you won 2022. Your courage was rewarded with confidence and that is what has attracted Eden. Setting a good example 👏

Brad Gardiner

I had to stop the episode to like it at 2.13. Eden smiling at her Coral Trout Catch.


Good to see you back happy new year to you both and good to see you put the window back in the boat


Keen to dive this spot in the new year on our next Dampier trip.

Wild Touring

Always enjoy your stuff! That mooring was providing the goods.

Jacob Taylor

Keed to dive that 15 spot with ya😅

Tim Wheel

Great stuff mate. Good to see you back. HNY 👍🍻