Husky Dog GOES CRAZY & Gets Stuck Under A Truck!!!

#shorts #husky #funny

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Chug Cadiogan

rock and roll baby!!!!!!

Feryal 666


That Odd Firebender

What would you say is the best place to live for two huskys? (US)



Adil gamxr

I think she was trying to bite a ghost

Dogs can see and kill ghost

La Luna

OMG HAHAHAH SOOOOO CUTE 🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹

The Mobile Gatorplayz

Aww SO CUTE!!🥹🥹🥹🥹

Emily’s review

“me just going out for a normal walk with my husky”
‘Randomly decides to go koo koo’
“gets dragged through bushes mud and dog shi”

Rohan Sharmaa

That dog is possed

Bananas Gd

In this situation I would consider stuck as a very loose term😅😅😅




When your mom opens your report card


anime top 10 fight season 7 episode 2 full movie


Every time running


Same my dog also do like this 🤣🤣


Is this girl boy or both boys

Lamarcus Kael Calingasan

I think he/she sitting there

Malika Ann Noyez

😂😂😂😂😂 and that misic makes it really even more excitement. I live it when they sprint. They put their frontpaws almost together with their backpaws and then its like a rocket jump…

Joey V

Beautiful doggies



Sarah Willmott

Husky zoomies are something else if you aren’t used to them! 😂

Linda Lo Andersson

Aaaaaw, those zoomies, haha. Cutest gang <3

Stacey Obrien

He didn't get stuck. Just an adorable case of the zoomies.

Husky Lover

Your baby is very cute. I love husky

Yasmin Issa

Okay so I officially need some help I've been subscribed to your channel for over 2 years now and I used all your tips and tricks on my guy (his name is Felix and yes he is a Siberian Husky)
Everything has been good but one important thing!!!
I have endured it for the past year with the hope of him stopping it by the time he hits his one year mark but all I've seen is that it's gotten worse. I've tried everything on YouTube but to no result.
Hoping any help can come my way😭😭😭

Donna Joplin

Huskies and their Zoomies! Gotta love them! 🐾❤🐾🇺🇸❤

Lisa Burnett

Maybe this heat is getting to them🌞🤔🤭We all need to vent sometimes!🐶🤗🐕🐾

Nancy Rode


Justin Peters

They are so much happier since they got so much land to run around

Funny things 30

Husky instincts kickin in at the best moment


627th comment



Samantha Broaddrick

Zoomies!!!! Happy happy happy dog! 😁

meng wang



Running back and forth and around.

Here I thought great Dane zoomies were dangerous.

Banana boi

I would freek out if that was my dog 😂😂 But ur just: Again?

Ahura Shadbad

Under the Toyota 🤣