I Dropped a GoPro & Giant Magnet in the River – You'll Never Believe What I Found!

I Dropped a GoPro & Giant Magnet in the River – You’ll Never Believe What I Found! Today I attached a GoPro to a rope with a giant magnet and dropped it in the river! You’ll never believe what I found!


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Rational Bushcraft

I worked on search and rescue for many years. I was not a diver but the guys I talked to had the biggest cojones ever. In muddy water like that you can't see anything just like your camera was picking up. They would literally feel for bodies. Can you imagine being underwater and having a dead body pop up in your face?

Ron Tremblay

I'm starting a new drinking game. Each time he says "you guys" ya take a drink.

Arthur Jones

Nail clippers are used to trim the line.


Old coin purse


I would get it check out it could be worth alot


That rock u found is an iron meteorite


Nice! Maybe tape it closer to the magnet


You can use that hook for when you want to drag bigger stuff out from the ocean.

Jesse Jones

Let's us know what that Rick thingy is please

Sandra Reed

Maybe a "sunny" day would help

La Marc

Was it a meteorite?

Regoberto Aguilar

Thanks for your videos, super cool 😎😎😎😎.

Nancy Taylor

As always ❤❤❤❤❤😂 love be watching.

Christina Genson

I actually can’t believe you bought all that stuff just for this video you’re the best

Ky Tanguay

That's not a rock it's a meteor thar hiley magnet that's why it sticks on the magnet

Hadley Scott McIntyre

Did look like a meteorite

Connie (Azorean Island Girl

That's so cool 😎

Chris Schomburg

I can’t find any magnets for sale

Sherry Hershberger Hunt

Sorry can't see anything to much silt stirring up.


What was the rock ???


You know I don’t care if the camera works, But for your sake I hope you figure it out. Seems like trying something new adds a little something unique to your show. I could care less I love the mystery and the surprise and of course your enthusiastic and funny commentary. I just love you show.


I liked this, gave a different POV…should do it more often!!

Lindsay Snyder

Couldn't see much


18:38 old purse

Coni Torres

A great collection of things and enthusiasm . Your “rock” could actually be a piece of a meteorite . Take it to the geology dept of a nearby college.

M. Harvey

Tyler, you have to try this on Georgian Bay the water there is Crystal Clear ….

LaLa RaRa

The purse is most likely a makeup bag based on the plastic lining.

Loni Carr

Please do let us know how you went about, if you do, finding out if that was a meteorite and if it is or not.

I think when the magnet hits the bottom all sorts of dust and stuff from the bottom gets kicked up and makes the picture very cloudy, that's what I can see as the main problem otherwise great video!

That used to be a pocket book for a lady

floyd matzke

What about the magnetic rock, it looks like a rite.
Don't leave me hanging.

Charles Starlin

Awesome always cool stuff always thanks 😎


Dang bro you picked up a couple murder weapons

Joe M.

Awesome video!!!

John Hocking

i found a safe with a little money in it the other day at the lake!