I Found a River That’s Absolutely STACKED With Historic Treasure! (Magnet Fishing)

I Found a River That’s Absolutely STACKED With Historic Treasure! (Magnet Fishing) Today I went magnet fishing in an old muddy river & it’s absolutely stacked with historic treasure!


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The Fisher

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That pipe couldn't be lead, lead is nonmagnetic.

Mark Cagle

There is a body in a trunk wrapped in chains in that water.

Paulette Dutcher

This was such a great video even if you did tangle up your magnet. I hope you get it back.
Thanks for taking us along. 👍☺️

Tim Brummett

The last horseshoe was a piece that was driven into logs and chains were used to Link them together for the trip down river

Darla Tidwell

Awesome finds.😎

Mark Kana

You need a come along when you get stuck


Isn't the pointy end horse shoe for logs?

Anna Knight

Sorry you lost your magnet. That logging tool was awesome. I hope you get your magnet back. That is such a sweet spot. Can't wait for your next video. please stay safe and always remember to have fun 😁. Thank you for cleaning up the water 😎

Anthony Lenzo

At the 8:11 time stamp, there is a sign with a post. Wonder if you had enough rope to go around that and use it as a "pulley" to pull out your magnet. The alternative is quickly to get your truck over and tie it up and pull it out. To bad, you didn't have the kayak with you to go over where it was and get it unstuck .

Sharon Leigh

Hey Ty my spike bike guy. Great job wow, and that guy was really nice, and you also were so kind. 👍. As always be happy 👍💕👍

Mantai Luaa

10:16 Cool find! My second car was Ford Mondeo, that hubcap would be a nice decoration piece.

Chris Mosher

Hope you know that hill was covered with poison Ivy


Well one thing is, you can make a horseshoe pit and play horseshoes!!! Love that game!!! Hope you get your mag back!!! Maybe in next vid!!! Good luck

Irfan Sayyad

Use your kayak Taylor ……the underwater rocks are snatching your stuff ……. your energy is unnecessarily getting wasted…. good work and thanks for the video

tom lin

Back in the early 70's I work on a log drive, driving logs to the paper mill, the loggimg staple we use to connect boom logs together which directed the flow of logs plus we us chain when we were hooking a couple together. and peavys puple hooks and a hook pole were used daily. Like your video, they are very interesting in the historical items you find.

Daisy May

Great video. Sorry the first 360 got snagged. Those rocks are magnet catchers for sure. Love all the interesting finds.

Lola Carpenter

If I were you I'd be going home and getting that kayak and getting back there to get my magnet! Maybe magnets don't cost as much for you with your connection with Brute but being old and being on a fixed income money is a thing that's always important!

Zdenko Brndiar

You have a great cart, can it be bought somewhere?

Just Be ASMR

I’m so glad you didn’t say where that is, cuz I know exactly where that is and I love that spot for treasure! And yes here the siren just means it’s noon on a Saturday. Also there are TONS of snakes that live right where you were standing lol

Sparkle Donut

was there a tornado?

Megan Austin

I hope you get your magnet unstuck

Billy Edwards

Nice find on the old cane hook log rolling tool.

Malcolm Price

That stuck magnet may be stuck to an old chest of goodies.😁😀

richard western

I am glad to see you are well But sorry to see you had to leave your magnet behind, Almost had that feeling the other day when mine got stuck under a bridge. lucky for me it was pretty rusty and I was able to get it off but it was gut twisting my first time getting stuck. But since you got your lucky horse shoe you wont have to worry you will get your magnet back safe and sound.
And that old log grabber with the handle $150 on etsy. perfect for a restore, hey be safe take care and keep throwing.

Tom D’Hondt

I think you might have found a four track

Scott Ward

It wasn't far out you could have walked out and tried to get it. I would have

Chris Henderson

Hope you get your magnet back. I love these videos. Never boring.