I Tied Bait to My GoPro and Dropped it Under the Pier! **Crazy Finds**

I Tied Bait to My GoPro and Dropped it Under the Pier! **Crazy Finds**

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Robert Powers

https://youtu.be/38j2Z-wCosU Plus there are summaries of the best video captures. Lots more places should do this exercise… Deerfield Beach Pier


Great videos with the camera fishing. I'd love to see the same thing in 100ft of water where you'd be fishing for grouper and under deeper water fish. you may have to have a light attached to some kind of contraption down there, but it would certainly be some interesting footage. Maybe even some kind of trolling would be cool too. Either of those would be challenging to get the footage.

Melissa Pillich

The striped ones are poisonous to eat

Hunter Gatherer

We just got back from a week rental on the north side of the sound. Spent 6 days fishing off the private dock and I couldn't keep the blue crab off my bait. How do you avoid that


Hey, when do the free email videos start coming?

Steve Gerdes

Love all of your videos and these underwater videos are great also. Hope to see more of them periodically. Thanks


The small striped fish at beginning of video is the Sargent Major. Love the underwater GoPro footage. Thanks for bringing such great content.

Creel Boys Seasoning

I Love these kinds of videos!!

Be One Israel

Was that jack not a blue runner?

Dee Smith

Can you drop a go pro at the fort Pickens pier?

Bart Phillips

Take Ron’s magnet back and get me that spin fisher


Wouldn’t that be a black drum if it kinda looks like a sheepshead?

Enqi Yang

Those stripped fish are sergeant majors!

Joseph Wagner

Always cool to get an eyeball idea of what lies beneath the surface. To bad you couldn’t retrieve the rod and reel

richard franklin

The yellow and black striped fish in beginning of video i believe they are called Sargent majors the black spot fish on east coast we called them sand perch very good eating just small like crappie.


You should do this on your next trip south and to the Everglades

Gloria Valentine

big day for the pin fish, lol

Fishing with Drupydog

Very nice thanks for cool pictures

Fishing with Drupydog

Those fish or called sergeant major

Jason Stidams

Striped fish is a Porkfish I bet

Ambrose Salmini

Drop the GoPro at the bridge – would love to see those big nastys eat.