LAW Basic Guide – TEKKEN 7 (Basic To Pro)

Basic guide for MARSHALL LAW in TEKKEN 7 (PS4/XB1/PC). If you need any help, leave a comment down below 🙂

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Joshua Devine

Go into practice mode these are noob combos there’s so many he’s not doing that are way better lol

Almond hehe

How to use hwoarang and combos.I need help because I have an Tekken 7 Tournament on saturday.


I mean good video but you just telling us all his moves how do we combo with him


Ty ! Helped me well

Bluedevi Tekken monster

Download complete , anti law tactics engage shhhheeeewashonk sheeewashonk, target identified , vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvdrdrdrdrdrdrdtrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdraaaaavvvvvvvvvvvvv, sheeewashonk , target is now free, mission acomplished


how do you pull off moves and combos so easy with a joystick i use joystic and i cant press 50 times forward like you do any tipes on that? thanks


Sliding until people block low then using While Rising 2 is like the Rip special he does it so often.


this is the basics? damn im so noob i have to study now :L

Qaasim Hussain

can you do laws dss tutorial struggling with the legend kick thanks king jae

Barack Putin

You're unbelievably helpful


Thank you for the guide


Leooooo next

Ammirul Asyraf

Finally King Jae , Respect You Bro . From Malaysia


feels great not know wtf , 1,2, 3 ,4 means


cool video, I find the Law's slide difficult hard so its good to hear you will make a separate video for it

Bhavesh Mistry

Better Clip Dat Thumbnail


Safe bro, u kept ur word.

The 6th

Dude thank you so much Law is such a cool character but damn the combos with dss are kinda hard so i cant wait for when you upload a video covering that stuff. Ill be sure to donate once i catch you streaming.

bring da ruckus

when you doing eddy mate

King Jae

im gonna change the thumbnail when I get back from my cheeky Nandos!

Bucx Da Don

I have been checking your videos trying to learn how to play this game Thanks, bro you really have been hitting the nail on the head for me. I have been studying Law since the game came out and I'm a be looking forward to your advanced guide on Law and his Dragon stance. For come crazy reason I just can not seem to get the timing right.


so lee is a martial artist now. xD


the thumbnail says Lee basic guide lol

Cristian Rodriguez

could u do Eliza?

Le Parfumeur

The thumbnail says "Lee Basic Guide" hahahah


Thumbnail says "Lee Basic Guide"


Awesome! , btw you wrote lee in the thumbnail in case you didn't notice 🙂

m j

do leo please

Peter Koek

do a leo badic guide

Captain Wesker

I mentioned Law in a comment on your last video, and here he is. I was waiting for this, actually. Glad I subbed to you, too.


ahh thanks for law tutorial! he is my second char after steve