Mangrove Jack fishing Gold Coast canals

Doug burts tackle world:
Luke’s lines:
Fishing for mental health Facebook:
Gold Coast Sports Fishing Club:
The brag mat bloke:
Tackle tactics:

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Harry's fishing world

Good stuff bro, aye and that fish that got you on that pontoon without a doubt bro it was a ray because there was no head shakes and just peeling line

Dan B.

Well done. First time seeing your channel…..subbed straight away. Keep the jacks coming. Have you tried surface?

Nicmo Racing

Getting better with your location hiding. Good to see 🤙

Judd McQuaigue

Your are a gun fisho Lachlan, no wonder you’re sponsored

Fishing for Mental Health

Bloody good video my boy.

GC Kayak Fishing 🎣

Weapon 👍🎣


Awesome stuff 👌🤙🏻🤙🏻

Braydens Fishing World

Sick video bro, don’t know how you do it 😂😭 3 jacks back to back sessions!! Mental 👌🤙🏼

Tom D

Love it