More first time finds magnet fishing at the causeway!

More Heavy stuff, a PICK AXE and a new grill magnet fishing?!?!
I appreciate each and everyone of you for the support!
Thank you all for tagging along, be sure to share, like and subscribe as there is definitely more to come!

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Zaryn T

02:06 Watch out for these scams he is talking about on other videos as well. The Fisher another magnet fisher had the same thing happen on his channel with the false giveaway scams.


The first one was a concrete snap tie for forms

Diane Tatu

Nice 😎

Donna Mitchell

Fantastic finds today Nick. The pick axe ⚒, and the Coleman stove were amazing finds. I had my appointment with my kidney specialist, and I'm still good. I don't know if I told you I have surgery on my eyes in November. I hope you and the members of the board are doing great. Have a great weekend my friends ❤🙂🤗⚘.

Jenn Shep

Hey, be sure to let me know what happens with the profane stove please. Hopefully just need to clean it up and get the moisture out of the line where the profane goes.thur. You was blessed today 😊. I really enjoy your videos and it’s a down right shame somebody messed with your channel. Nick you have a wonderful evening and I’ll see you on the next video🤙

Brenda Matlock

Good video

Pesca Magnetica PT

Holy rebar! And the grill was insane 😲

Douglas Fuqua

Wait a minute…. I'm wrong… That thing had a FLAT vertical and a FLAT horizontal… Like a digging hoe/splitter…. hmmm.

Douglas Fuqua

Technically, it's a pick-adz or pick & mattock (pick-mattock). … used way too many of 'em. — Crossbow (you had good hunting today, Nick).

Dawn The Metal Detective

Nice finds! Hope you get the grill to work!

Coleman is a dry it out and see if it works keeper.


Great finds Nick!!! 👍🏻😉 The pickaxe was sooo cool, but the Coleman stove🔥…NICE!!! 😀 N what a haul with all that rebar!! 😲 That last chunk though, how crazy…n hefty!! 💪🏻😵‍💫 I'd say it was a pretty successful day for ya!!! 🤩 Keep up the great job cleaning up the waters!!! 🏞🧲🪝🪣🧤🌊♻️🚮 🍓🙋‍♀️T

David Bone

A very good Saturday evening to you all in the USA from Wellington Somerset in the uk

Joseph Erhardt

I have been flagging the fake channel posts here and on RainMan Ray's and South Main Auto and The Fisher's and several other places. So don't sweat the fake posts too much–we're on it. 🙂
Edit: Just let me know when my Rolex arrives …

Bonnie (Loose) Swank

Great find on the old pick axe !and the coleman stove !

Rock Magnetics

wow i need a rebar spot like that.

Judy Wilson

What’s great day! A Coleman mini stove, a pickaxe head & of course a pair of pliers!! Lots of good scrap to. Great video as always😎

Carla Allen

#love the camp stove. I hope it works.

lisa moores

nick thats sweet fine your getting

diane garmers

Hi Nick, what a nice grill! Thank you so much for the video.
Greetings and a hug for the family🇨🇼🤗😘😘😘

Sherry Lyn Martin

Nick let it dry out real well then I bet cha it will work . Love the video . 💜💚💙🥰

caroline loeser

Absolutely, I got scammed out of 300 plus dollars. It was on another channel though. Those people are very very slick.

Donna Padgett

Wow amazing finds . Enjoyed your video


. When I was very young (117 yrs ago), in rural SW PA, that digging tool you brought up was known as a "mattock". Also I wanted to mention, one morning crossing the causeway on my way to work, I saw a couple of men with a radio-controlled boat of some kind, for all the world it looked like a submarine maybe ten feet long. You just never know what may come up.

Gordo Tortuga

Nice finds. Fire that stove up! What is the word on the 1911 you found earlier this year?

Pati Fagan

Good times yes. Thanks

Pati Fagan

Junkies unite

William McGowan

I think you should cook lunch on that camp stove in a future video.

Magnet Fishing Maw Maw

That grill is awesome, I have one but mine is allot older. Your gonna have a great scrap run with all that rebar 🙂

C123B Thunderpig

Hey Nick, great to see ya , man, the Beast was hungry, super finds, pick axe , and that Coleman, bet it will fire up. Hope you and the Board are OK – weather map looked a bit scary down there. Always great to start my Saturday up in the Pacific Northwest with a magnet fishing video and cup of coffee . Stay Safe and Cool, Brother Bob.

Amanda Myers

#love your videos .. jealous of your weather .. already fall in NY !

Frank Boone

Always a thumbs up from me thanks for the videos


Nick those were some sweet finds. Thanks for taking us with you


Nice Nick. Its fun to clean up and get infinity rebar isn't it? (HARD NO!!) However, it really is fun to "CLEAN UP" and get a pickaxe and stove!! Right on brother. C ya later!

Jenny Lesiakowski

Great find on the gas fire, it will work but you have to fit the gas bottle right for the lever to work, it’s useful for when you go fishing or camping. Another great video with all the rebar take care Nick and stay safe.