Murkray Fishing Guide | Warframe Plains of Eidolon

I explain why you need to catch Murkray, where to catch Murkray, and how to catch Murkray. Hope it helps you out!

P.S : So sorry for the crap audio quality, this was before I got an actual mic for recording, newer videos are better 🙂

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Faceless Beanie

Didn't expect this to get much attention, hope it helped whoever watched it.. A massive apology for the poor sound quality, I've been working on that and hopefully some of the newer videos are a little better. Also, if this helped you out in any way, consider subscribing, helps me out a ton, cheers 🙂


Hey did u know u can get murkray liver from the thumpers too some of them drop it

Emilian Edward Sava

how do i get to mer-sah bay?


Than you for this bro '


You’re supposed to throw the bait near the splashes, you’ll get tonnes to spawn they’re not rare. Throwing the bait randomly in the ocean doesn’t do much


Even with the bait i only see mawrish and chsrc eel lol

Goddess Thor



All I am catching are goopollas, idk what I am doing wrong

cephalon owl

How the fuck does fish ever make weapons.

Alexander Volzing

no fish are spawning! what do i do?


that fish doesnt spawn even after 20+ baits …


Thank you, Faceless Beanie! I just didn't know which fish rod use. Hahaha

Jab Hutt

Goopola only there.
There's been 100% some changes from then, because I did had like 20 or 30 of livers and I NEVER used any baits. Also now I lack 1, just 1, but I can't even get it with the bait in said locations. I reckon it is because night fish, although wiki says "day & night". I probably fished during the night once or so and I had them, so neither the bait should be required nor location, I was never in those locations previously, always fishing on that long strip to the right side from spawn.

Giulio Ilais

Fucking grendel


The instructions on where that ,,south east" is are a little unclear of you're only showing the holo map instead of the whole map or without a location name. Just saying :V


Did the map change cause I can't find the location where you got them…

Wolf Fang

Love the music

Dance Gavin Dance

Oh man I fucking hate fishing in this game, really wish there were other ways to get it other than fuckin' around with this. Been trying to get ONE murkray to spawn for the last four hours and not a single goddamn one.

Kush Alien

don't work


Only OGs remember the time when you had to craft fish bait

mengw eric

Thank you very much, works in 2019.

Kolya Hijack

Lol. Guide: how to catch this fish…well, u need to catch another three of them, so, another 3 guides to watch.. easier to just buy em for plat


just use volt, i think im kinda late

Kinj Gaming

Sat at the location he said and waited 45 min without seeing anything.


Thanks, you're the first video that actually showed the ripples; I did wonder if those white things were what people meant, but they just didn't look like ripples to me.

nano machines Son



how do you see glowing fish in water?

ǂVIǂ Donov

God bless you dud!


ive wasted all my bait and only two have spawned wtf

the muffin man
Riki Sky

wow , thks man I got 8 in just 5 min , and I think is during between afternoon and evening time

Jacob Anderson

this helped a lot, thank you


thx the video 🙂


volume my guy. can't hear anything


Thanks 🙂

lucid _

Can we get Murkray without buying the bait?