POLICE CALLED After Finding Stolen Truck Underwater #shorts

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Texas Red

Where's the link to the full video?

Tyrone Smith

Wish i knew the out come

Tyrone Smith

I used to live there its a beautiful town. The scene out my back door was amazing you could see the mountains in the far back ground. It was beautiful. And the people were so nice. Alabama gets a bad rep but their really nice there.

Edward Gaming

But stan try to understand that I do want you as a fan


Most cops are like these guys. Bad apples can really stand out, but it's up to you to step back and look at the whole tree.

Isaac Sharp

Bro thats under 759 right across the road from the gasden mall I go swimming there all the time


Roll tide dawg


That's a Utah plate


Iono wanna jump to conclusions but that man looked sus asf


Everybody deserves to be brought home.


Damn. A whole ass truck!

Francis Phillipeck

A truck in the water just off the boat ramp? Nothing unusual really, at least not around here, happens every weekend lol

Prince Valiant

I guarded the TR-3 somewhere in England, they wore those suits too, max ele. 80K


That version of the Silverado is super rare and popular

Trevor Kenner

Is this South Carolina?

Paul Sloth

Johnny left kobra kai and join the police department

Raven Smith

Looks like one of my old trucks 🤣👀

Robert Chisenhall

Gadsden Alabama I'm guessing?

Richard Fuller

Collier? Hummm!! Could be kinfolk

Chris S

Did they pick the whole thing up by the a arm lol dayum.

Mud Life

Poor chevrolet😥


Full video?

Defeat Waffle Sensei

I actually didn't think to ask if someone was in the truck 😕


Don't recognize where they are but based on the patches I can tell they in my state of Alabama