So this Truck was trade in for a BETTER TRUCK. Here's why

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Joe Howard

Is this comedy?

John Bourgeois

The tacomas went to shit after 2015, I don’t blame him for trading in the tird gen

Jose Silverio

Tacoma! I own one just like that one! Not one problem.


2023 tundra trd pro

Teng Khang

Tacooma? Lol

Michael Hart

Depends what your needs are…if you are looking for reliability, mpg, and crazy high resale value that was a terrible trade. If you make enough money from hauling big loads in a bigger truck and can deal with the way higher repair maintenance/ mpg costs and breakdowns, jump into the 1500.



Miguel Blanco

Taco,Ma 🤣

Web Bee

Yeap, its these type of illiterate people that would drive a Ford!


That there is the best midsize truck money can buy.


Ram is trash ! Like the way he pronounces Ta-co-mah . What an illiterate dunce 😅

Billy Goat

Him is pronouncing Tacoma… this guy is not that stupid right? It's an act I trust….


Wait are you a city person? Because anywhere where there are dirt roads, mountains, snow, gravel there are Tacoma’s. Here in California lots of people even use them for work because of the decent payload and easy maneuverability.


Not a family friendly vehicle for sure! I made the same mistake also.. got rid of it real quick 😅

Trae Cummings

This guy has not a clue about trucks.


Traded for a Bigger truck. Better? not a chance

Wesley Tyler

Tacoma and tundra shits on any dodge/Chevy truck

just my life!

The frames rot out as well as the bumpers and quarters

jacob hickman

This guys gotta be trolling

David Cook

That Tacoma will be around for the next 20 years I don't think the Dodge will make it past 10years but idk since Fiat bought Dodge it almost seems like Dodge is doing slightly better time will time I guess, personally I wish all the brands would come together and just make one line of vehicles make it to be the most reliable most practical most versatile but above all easy to repair easy to service just like cars were in the 70s 80s heck I don't even mind working on '90s too the 2000s cars just nothing past 2008 it's all downhill from there, above all I hate direct injection it's just too make engine dirty I bet it doesn't save any fuel at all, I'd personally love too see a YouTuber or mechanic test the same engine one with direct injection & one without I bet I no difference between the 2 not enough of a difference Worth dirtying the engine for !!!!